Olivia Rodrigo's 'Good 4 U' Drama Explained

1 September 2021, 10:25 | Updated: 1 September 2021, 16:39

The lowdown on everything that's happened since the release of 'good 4 u'
The lowdown on everything that's happened since the release of 'good 4 u'. Picture: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram
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Here is everything you need to know about the songwriting controversy surrounding Olivia Rodrigo's edgy bop from 'Sour'.

We all knew that Olivia Rodrigo was burgeoning into pop-punk territory but some are going as far as calling genre antics plagiarism.

From TikTok trends to plagiarism accusations to writing credits – 'good 4 u' has had quite the journey since it hit the radio waves...

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Here's the chronological breakdown of the 'good 4 u X Misery Business' drama.

Olivia releases 'good 4 u' in May ahead of 'Sour' drop

'good 4 u' was the third release from the 18-year-old star's critically-acclaimed debut record, 'Sour'!

First came the record-smashing piano ballad 'drivers license' and then the pop bop 'deja vu', followed by none other than the edgy punk-infused track we all know and love.

Audiences likened the revengeful song to Paramore's early work straight away, more specifically the 2007 alternative rock song, 'Misery Business', a cult classic among fans.

The bridge of Olivia's song, in particular, seemed to hail from Paramore's noughties era and it even became a TikTok trend in its own right...

Olivia Rodrigo has released four singles from her debut album
Olivia Rodrigo has released four singles from her debut album. Picture: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram

The 'Good 4 U X Misery Business' TikTok trend...

How else would fans cross-compare their favourite songs?

As listeners caught on to the similarities between the punky bops, TikTok users couldn't help but do what they do best and turn it into a trend.

TikTokkers would film videos of them reacting and dancing to a mash-up to the two songs in question, with many celebrating the return of noughties punk!

Olivia Rodrigo gives Hayley Williams writing credits on 'good 4 u'

After months of speculation over whether the similarities were appreciation, appropriation or just coincidence, it was announced on August 25th that the emerging songwriter had given Paramore writing credits.

The High School The Musical: The Musical: The Series actress added Hayley Williams and the band's ex-guitarist, Josh Farro, as contributing writers to the smash-hit song.

Olivia Rodrigo gives Paramore a writing credit
Olivia Rodrigo gives Paramore a writing credit. Picture: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram

Although the musicians didn't actually have a hand in penning the song, the credit concedes that elements of 'Misery Business' were interpolated into the 'Sour' song.

Paramore are yet to make a public comment about the songs.

'good 4 u' has been likened to Paramore's hit 'Misery Business' from 2007
'good 4 u' has been likened to Paramore's hit 'Misery Business' from 2007. Picture: Getty

What do fans and pop stars think?

The songwriting controversy has been the talk of the internet these past few months, with fans and celebrities alike weighing in on the musical conundrum.

Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, candidly spoke on the topic on his Instagram story, he explained: "It’s a natural thing for it to happen, and sometimes it gets ugly and sometimes it’s warranted that people take legal action, sometimes it’s not warranted that people take legal action.

"I do think that we should probably meet this with a little more compassion and understanding and try to find a way, all this calling out, it’s like, music is a creative thing and I just hate to see it crushed."

Paramore has not released a statement, although frontwoman Hayley Williams is good friends with one Miss Taylor Swift, who just so happens to be a big Rodrigo fan herself!

Taylor even has her own credit on Olivia's album, '1 step forward 3 steps back'.

So we're assuming there's no Bad Blood...

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