Olivia Rodrigo Wants To Know: Will You Go To Prom With Her?

23 June 2021, 15:36

Olivia Rodrigo is asking fans to go to prom with her in a very 'Sour' fashion
Olivia Rodrigo is asking fans to go to prom with her in a very 'Sour' fashion. Picture: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram
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Olivia Rodrigo has been asking fans to a 'Sour' inspired prom... here's why they think the pop starlet is gearing up to a new single!

Olivia Rodrigo is spreading the love and asking her fans if they'll go to prom with her – if you got an invite then 'good 4 u'!

The alternative-pop sensation shows no signs of stopping as she continues promoting her wildly successful debut album, 'Sour'.

Olivia Rodrigo Officially Graduated From High School In The Most Iconic Way

The Twittersphere was sent reeling as more and more Rodrigo fanatics posted about their surprise visits from the ex-Disney star.

We wonder what the songstress is up to...

Olivia Rodrigo surprises fans with promposals

Why is Olivia Rodrigo asking fans to go to Prom with her?
Why is Olivia Rodrigo asking fans to go to Prom with her? Picture: Twitter

Olivia dropped in and surprised many 'Sour' listeners, making countless promposals at their very doorsteps – does it get cuter than that?

The songwriter seems to be celebrating every hallmark of an 18-year-old lifestyle as she celebrated her high school graduation last week and is now making up for missing her own prom by creating one of her own.

Of course, it all began with a trademark moment of young adulthood – need we mention that she recently got her 'drivers license'?

Olivia Rodrigo is holding her own 'Sour' prom
Olivia Rodrigo is holding her own 'Sour' prom. Picture: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram

The 'deja vu' singer approached fans with flowers and a Sour-esque sign that read "Prom would be brutal without u [sic]" – referencing the first track from her record-breaking album.

As you'd expect, every lucky prom invitee was stunned, many took to Twitter to express their surprise.

"so… Olivia Rodrigo showed up to my house and gave me flowers & merch and asked me to prom. IS THIS REAL LIFE."

Another user wrote: "no cuz Olivia Rodrigo asking her fans to prom is the cutest thing ever."

Why fans think Olivia Rodrigo is going to release 'brutal' as the next single from 'Sour'

All the prom commotion has lead fans to believe that Olivia is preparing to release 'brutal' as the fourth single from her debut record.

The rising star posted a "stupid little dump" of behind-the-scenes photos to her Instagram on Saturday – could these be from the set of a music video to the angsty pop-punk track?

Maybe a new single will be coming sooner than you think to join the smash-hit singles 'drivers license', 'deja vu' and 'good 4 u'.

Olivia has seemingly left a trail of Easter eggs hinting at her next musical steps, she even posted a series of photos to her Instagram story on Tuesday that celebrated famous pop-culture prom moments from TV...

We're not entirely sure what this pop-prodigy is up to, but we sure do hope that whatever it is, it arrives soon!

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