When does Spotify Wrapped 2023 come out?

29 November 2023, 12:43

Spotify Wrapped unveils Bad Bunny as top global artist for three years in a row

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is set to be released at the end of November/start of December. Here's everything you need to know.

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Spotify Wrapped 2023 szn is finally upon us – Wrapped 2023 has just been released.

Yep, it's that time again! December is almost here, which means Spotify is getting ready to analyse your music, wrap it all up into a fancy little slideshow and expose your tastes in 2023's Wrapped feature.

As always, you can expect Spotify to reveal your most played artist, your Top 5 most played songs and genres and how many minutes you listened over the past 10 months.

SPOTIFY WRAPPED 2023 IS HERE: Find your Top Songs here

So, what date will Spotify Wrapped be released in 2023? Well, it's officially here, and it's arrived one day earlier than 2022.

Here's all the details about when Spotify Wrapped 2023 will be released, when Spotify stops tracking your listening habits and where to find your Wrapped report.

Spotify Wrapped 2023: When does it come out?

When is Spotify Wrapped 2023 released?
When is Spotify Wrapped 2023 released? Picture: Chesnot/Getty Images, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Parkwood

What date does Spotify Wrapped 2023 come out?

Like every year, Spotify Wrapped 2023 does not have a set release date. Based on the past few years, however, we can pretty much guess when it's going to be made available based on the release date pattern.

The dates for the previous Spotify Wrapped release dates are:

  • 2017: December 6th
  • 2018: December 6th
  • 2019: December 5th
  • 2020: December 2nd
  • 2021: December 1st
  • 2022: November 30th
  • 2023: November 29th

2022's Wrapped arrived earlier than Spotify users anticipated, dropping on the last day of November instead of the first day of December. 2023's Wrapped will probably be released around the same time as last year so keep your eyes locked on Spotify's Twitter account and your own Spotify app around the end of November.

Spotify Wrapped 2021: Find your top 5 songs and artists
Spotify Wrapped 2023 will reveal your Top Artists and Top Songs. Picture: Spotify

When does Spotify stop tracking your music for Wrapped?

Despite Wrapped arriving at the end of the year, Spotify actually stops tracking your listening habits much earlier than that.

Spotify starts tracking your music on January 1st and stops on October 31st every year.

That means anything you listen to in November and December 2023 will not appear in your 2023 Wrapped feature.

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How do I get Spotify Wrapped 2023?

Much like 2022, it's likely that your 2023 Spotify Wrapped report will only be available to view on your mobile device.

On release day, a pop up should appear on your Spotify app prompting you to click through to your report. You'll also be able to access it via a URL, but you'll have to click the link using your phone to be able to access your report on the mobile app.

We'll add Spotify Wrapped 2023 to this page as soon as it's live. Stay tuned!

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