Sabrina Carpenter takes on The Most Impossible Sabrina Carpenter Quiz | PopBuzz Meets

29 July 2022, 15:54

Sabrina Carpenter vs. 'The Most Impossible Sabrina Carpenter Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Sabrina Carpenter also opens up about the 'Vicious' bridge and reveals if a film with Joey King is in the works.

Sabrina Carpenter may be one of the most well-known stars of her generation but how well does she actually know herself?

Whether you watched Girl Meets World growing up, were a fan of her hit singles like 'Thumbs' and 'Sue Me', or you know all of her movies inside out, chances are you have fallen in love with Sabrina Carpenter.

Earlier this month (Jul 15), the 23-year-old dropped her highly anticipated fifth studio album Emails I Can't Send and it was met with widespread critical acclaim.

To celebrate the release of Sabrina's new record, we got her to take on The Most Impossible Sabrina Carpenter Quiz. In it, she tries to remember everything from her lyrics to every single role she's ever played on screen. She also let slip a few details about writing the iconic 'Vicious' bridge and the possibility of a movie with her BFF Joey King.

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Sabrina Carpenter takes on The Most Impossible Sabrina Carpenter Quiz | PopBuzz Meets
Sabrina Carpenter takes on The Most Impossible Sabrina Carpenter Quiz | PopBuzz Meets. Picture: PopBuzz

During the quiz, we asked Sabrina about fans losing it over how amazing her 'Vicious' bridge is. In it, she sings: 'You don't feel remorse, you don't feel the effects / 'Cause you don't think you hurt me if you wish me the best / I shoulda known all along, I was only the next one / To take your love songs as a promise.'

Discussing it, Sabrina said: "I think what was so funny is this song's called 'Vicious' but it actually feels quite tame before the bridge. So, there was part of me that was like, 'The bridge really just has to be the part of the song that is the most vicious."

She added: "That was really fun for me as a songwriter to be able to like get into a headspace of what I feel in my most intense, rage-filled moment. The bridge was so fun and I think it's gonna be so fun live'."

Sabrina Carpenter - “Vicious” (Lyric Video)

As for if we'll ever get a film with Sabrina and her BFF Joey King, she said: "If we were to do it, it might never get made because we would be silly the whole time.

"We're very professional but I don't know about us on a whole movie together. It would be so much fun though. If we did the right thing, I think it could be really sick. So fingers crossed."

She then joked: "She'll say no though. She'll be like absolutely not."

Find out how Sabrina did in her quiz and see if you can beat her in the video above.

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