Madison Beer explains every song on Silence Between Songs | Making The Album

25 October 2023, 16:44

Madison Beer Explains Every Song On 'Silence Between Songs' | Making The Album

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Madison Beer reveals the meaning behind every song on Silence Between Songs on PopBuzz's Making The Album podcast.

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It's true. Madison Beer is Making The Album's latest guest and she's breaking down every song on Silence Between Songs.

To fill you in, Making The Album is a PopBuzz podcast and video series in which we take you, the fans, inside the recording process of your favourite records.

In episode 1, Sam Prance (that's me - hiya) interviewed Niall Horan about The Show, in episode 2, I spoke to Ashnikko about Weedkiller and now Madison Beer is getting real about Silence Between Songs.

From how her relationship with her dad inspired 'At Your Worst' to who 'King of Everything' is really about, Madison reveals all. Madison even has time to tell us her top three Lana songs and whether or not she's had any paranormal experiences.

Watch the video above to learn how Silence Between Songs was made. You can also listen to the full episode on Global Player or whichever platform you use to listen to your podcasts.

To give you a little taster, after the jump are some selected highlights of what Madison had to say about each track on Silence Between Songs.


Madison Beer explains her Silence Between Songs lyrics track by track | Making The Album
Madison Beer explains her Silence Between Songs lyrics track by track | Making The Album. Picture: PopBuzz

1) Spinnin'

"I've always struggled with anxiety on and off. But there was a time where it was so intense and so consuming that I genuinely had never felt before in my life...For some reason, this anxiety spell was just so bad that I genuinely was like, 'I'm going to live the rest of my life like this'. I really believed that firmly. I remember speaking to my therapist, and I was like, 'Even when I was suicidal, at one point, I didn't feel like it was going to be forever'. And this was just so bad. It was so constant. It was so consuming of my whole life. I did not see an end to it at all. So I'm very grateful that it did come to an end. Thank goodness. I wrote the song, in reference to that time where I genuinely just was like, 'Did the world stop spinning?' 'Like what just what is going on?' is the main question here."

2) Sweet Relief

"I think the song is really about a taboo sort of relationship. Something that just feels like we shouldn't be doing this but here we are. It is a sexy song. I love singing it. I love playing it. I loved it the second we made it. I knew it was going to be on the album. The story, I'm not going to tell you...but I will say that it's a fun song."

3) Envy the Leaves

"It is definitely weird. But I love that. There's so many Beatles songs that I love that I'm like, 'This is such a random concept and not something that you would assume someone would write about'. I just thought that that's always so cool...I have a curious mind. I'm like, 'What is the experience like being a tree?' Or what is it like, experiencing that variation of of existence because it is its own existence and I think that's so cool. I find that to just be very interesting. And people are definitely like, 'Okay'. But it's cool to me. And I've always been very inspired and interested in nature and how everything is what it is. And I think that is representative in this song."

Madison Beer - Envy the Leaves (Official Lyric Video)

4) 17

"I don't have many memories from that time at all to be honest with you. It's hard when I think about that...That time was closely after I was dropped by my label and dropped by management and stuff. So I was definitely feeling like no one liked me and [my fans] assured me that that wasn't true and it was really, really fucking cool. And I was very appreciative of it."

5) Ryder

"I think that when I've been able to reflect on my early years, I can now look back and I can be like, 'Wow, I felt really not protected and uncared for by a lot of the adults around me.' And if I wasn't being protected and I was like the star of the show, then what does that mean for [my younger brother] Ryder? And that was a hard reality to face. And I do feel a lot of guilt around it. And I obviously try now to be like, 'You don't have anything to feel guilty for, you were also a child, doing your best and whatever.' But I think regardless, he still deserves to hear an apology, and I'm someone that I know how much an apology can mean to a person."

6) Nothing Matters But You

"I have such a capacity to love someone that I think I kind of do become like nothing matters but you. It's just you or nothing. I guess that is me being an obsessive person. But it just felt important to write about. We've all been there. Whether you have a huge crush on someone or you just start dating someone or you're like in this place where you're just like, 'Oh my god, I'm obsessed with you. I'm obsessed with you and everything you do.' And what an awesome feeling is that? It's probably the best feeling in life."

7) I Wonder

"'I Wonder' was one of the last additions to the album, and I love this song so much. This is a very heavily Beatles, Beach Boys inspired song. I really, really do love this one. If you listen to ['Spinnin' and I Wonder'] back to back, you'll hear that the lyrics do play off of each other. It's kind of like, 'I wonder why everything is good again, and like, 'Oh, my God, life is actually positive.' And I thought it was important because I think about 'Spinnin'' being in that anxious place, I was not in that place anymore and I felt good and I felt positive. And I was like, 'Wow, I actually enjoy life again. How cool is that?'"

Madison Beer - I Wonder (Official Lyric Video)

8) At Your Worst

"I think that I was hesitant to be public about the fact that it was inspired by a parental figure but I think that everyone can relate to it. And it's not something to be ashamed of. And it's also not something for my dad or my mom or anyone to be ashamed of. We all mess each other up unintentionally. And I think that every relationship is complex and difficult to navigate. Why is it always the dads though?"

9) Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You)

"[The Turtles interpolation] came about because I love that song. I was in the studio when I was listening to a playlist that I had made years ago of just kind of all music from that time period. And I was like these violin swells and this arrangement needs, I need to use this, so we did! I just wanted to pay homage to them. I think they're amazing."

10) Home to Another One

"So a girl named Lucy was brought into the studio. Leroy brought her and was like just give it a shot. I don't like to bring new people in. I'm like, 'Nope, I've got my thing. It's on lock.' But Leroy was like, 'Let's bring this girl in. She's amazing. She's super talented.' I was like, 'Okay, fine. I'll meet her.' Fell in love with her. Literally one of my best friends ever. I adore her more than I can say. And she's just such a special person, such a special, special creative. We're so aligned. It's actually quite weird. And we came up with this idea. And we came up with the song and we wrote it so easily that I was like, 'Cool. You are a part of the crew forever now.' So yeah, she's just awesome. So credit to Lucy."

11) Dangerous

"[Working with an orchestra] was so cool. I barely could make it through the performance of the video because they were playing it in real life. So hearing it was just so moving and beautiful. And I really wanted that video to be mainly highlighting the music because that's the most important part of the song. So that's why I chose to have them there. And then yeah, I mean, I love that song. Tobias Jesso Jr. wrote the song with us who's an incredible talent."

Madison Beer - Dangerous (Official Music Video)

12) Reckless

"I felt in my heart when we wrote 'Reckless' that that was gonna be a song people connected with because we had 'Selfish' to lean on. And I was like, 'Selfish' connected in a way that was really shocking to all of us. We weren't anticipating 'Selfish' to click. I knew it would. I was like, I'm confident in this song. I love this song. When it came out, people loved it as well. So cool. But with 'Reckless' we made it as a follow up. We were like, 'Let's make another 'Selfish'' and we beat 'Selfish'. So it's just really awesome. And I feel very lucky that people like it. And I'm sorry that people like it because that means they relate to it."

13) Silence Between Songs

"There weren't really any other contenders [for the title track]. When we wrote this song, I was like, 'I think this will probably be the title track most likely. There weren't really any other contenders ever."

14) King of Everything

"I'm sorry to disappoint everyone. It's not about one specific person. But yeah, I think that male power, and just especially in the industry, it's such a real thing that I know, all of my peers have experienced. And I think the song means a lot more than just that. It's not just about like, you know, this person is shitty, and they did X, Y and Z, and they've abused their power, and they've taken advantage of people. It's also kind of me trying to say, I've met and seen some of the most successful, wealthy, famous people, and they're some of the loneliest people I've ever met. And that's why I say, 'In this stone cold bed that that you made, now you sleep alone in it'. It's like, what's all this worth? If you're just like alone at the end of the day?"

Madison Beer - King of Everything (Official Lyric Video)

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