Lizzo: Everything You Need To Know About Her And Her New Song 'Juice'

30 January 2019, 11:25

Everything you need to know about Lizzo and her latest track 'Juice'.
Everything you need to know about Lizzo and her latest track 'Juice'. Picture: Instagram

If you didn’t know Lizzo, now you do.

Lizzo is a body-posi American singer and rapper who has recently been added to the Capital playlist with her huge tune, 'Juice'. For those who don’t know Lizzo, here is everything you need to know:

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Who is Lizzo and what is her real name?

Melissa Jefferson is a singer and rapper who goes by the stage name Lizzo. She is a founding member of multiple indie hip-hop groups and has been in the music scene for just under a decade.

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How old is Lizzo?

Lizzo is 30-years-old and was born on April 27, 1988.

Where is Lizzo from?

She grew up in Houston, Texas but moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to pursue her career.

When is Lizzo’s next album?

You can expect her third studio album ‘Cuz I Love You’ out on April 19

Any fun facts?

She not only poses well with a flute but is a very talented flautist. Who else can play and twerk at the same time?

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What does Lizzo stand for?

All things body-positive. In an interview with Paper magazine, she opened up about her struggles with body positivity and loving herself.

“When I was younger I didn't see myself in the media. I didn't see myself in fashion. I didn't like how I looked because of what I saw on television. It didn't reflect me so to become this super body positive I think my journey was so much a part of that.” She confessed.

“I had to really learn. I had to hit rock bottom with loving myself and really learn how to f**k with me. I'm still learning; I'm still not there. I be having my moments, but it's through that process I think I'm able to help other people.”

Lizzo doesn’t hold back or let anyone tell her how to dress or look and her Instagram page is full of just that.

Is Lizzo going on tour in 2019?

Absolutely! She announced the ‘Cuz I Love You’ tour stopping at Chicago, New York and many more. Sadly, she is yet to announce any European dates. You can also find Lizzo at this year’s Coachella festival.

Does Lizzo have any famous pals?

Lizzo has shown love on the ‘gram to a few famous pals including Daniel Caesar, Florence + The Machine, and Haim.

Does Lizzo have Instagram?

Yup! She has a 422K army over at @lizzobeeating.

Lizzo’s new song ‘Juice’

‘Juice’ was released early January and is a mix of funk, rap, and funk-pop with the video featuring the singer in an '80s-style workout program, late-night talk show, and selling products on a commercial.

Watch the video below:

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