Lil Xan's girlfriend Annie Smith explains the truth about her "fake" ultrasound photo

27 February 2019, 12:26

Recording artist Lil Xan backstage at S.O.B.'s/Annie Smith selfie
Lil Xan's girlfriend explains the truth about her "fake" ultrasound photo. Picture: Getty/Instagram/@anniiesmith
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

This story is just getting wilder and wilder…

Lil Xan's girlfriend Annie Smith has decided to set the record straight following rumours she was faking her pregnancy. The couple announced they were expecting their first child together last week, only five months after the "Betrayed" rapper's relationship with Noah Cyrus ended. They also revealed that they're engaged and had actively been trying for a baby.

Lil Xan fans were convinced that Annie's ultrasound was fake after she shared photos of their nine-week-old baby on her YouTube channel. Strangely, it matched up with a scan photo on Google and once people started accusing the pregnancy of being fake, Annie disabled the comments.

Now she's explained what's really going on in an interview with E! News, insisting that she is definitely pregnant. "When I posted my YouTube video with my ultrasound pictures, a girl (I'm not going to comment on who) Photoshopped them with another person's name, year, birthday etc, and uploaded them to Google," she revealed.


Although Annie's pregnancy is by no means anyone else's business, she went on to say that the backlash has turned her baby news into a "negative thing". She previously stated that she didn't want to share that she was pregnant so early on but Lil Xan was adamant that his fans needed to know. From now on she is no longer sharing too much about her pregnancy.

"I'm honestly really disappointed that we announced it and now this is the rumour floating around," she continued.


"I'm traveling and stressed at the moment so I think for the baby and myself it's best to stay in a positive environment. I really am just staying off the internet for the time being because it's really sad for me to see these things."

"In my opinion it doesn't matter what anyone else says it's a special time between my fiancé and I and like I said we are very happy that's all that matters."

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