Julia Michaels deletes Twitter after Sabrina Carpenter songwriting drama

18 July 2022, 13:26

Sabrina Carpenter sings Emails I Can’t Send live

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Sabrina Carpenter fans called out Julia Michaels after she said that she wrote "fucking all" the songs on Emails I Can't Send.

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Julia Michaels has deactivated her Twitter account after facing backlash over tweets about Sabrina Carpenter's new album.

Last Friday (Jul 15), Sabrina Carpenter released her long-awaited fifth studio album Emails I Can't Send. The project features 13 original songs in which Sabrina sings frankly about everything including the slut-shaming she experienced in the wake of her alleged love triangle drama with Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo. It's currently received widespread critical acclaim.

Sabrina co-wrote many of the album's tracks with her close friend and songwriting partner Julia Michaels. However, Julia is now coming under fire after saying she wrote "fucking all" the songs on the album and she's deleted her Twitter account.

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Julia Michaels deletes Twitter after Sabrina Carpenter songwriting drama
Julia Michaels deletes Twitter after Sabrina Carpenter songwriting drama. Picture: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Kevin Mazur/MG22/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

On Saturday (Jul 16), a Twitter user named @blairsmani shared their live reactions to each song on Emails I Can't Send. They then tweeted: "i like this but god i hate the way julia writes" in response to 'Tornado Warnings'. As well as being an artist in her own right, Julia has written hits for artists including the likes of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Hailee Steinfeld.

Noticing the tweet and several of @blairsmani's subsequent tweets praising songs on the Sabrina album that Julia co-wrote, Julia mass-replied to three of them, writing: "But I thought you hate the way I write." Following @blairsmani's tweet about the last song 'Decode', Julia added: "But I thought you hate the way I write cause fyi... I wrote Fucking all of these."

Some fans interpreted Julia's last tweet as her implying that she wrote all of Sabrina's album and, in doing so, discrediting Sabrina's writing contributions to her own music. Julia faced some criticism from Sabrina fans over the tweets and, seemingly in response, she deactivated her account.

Sabrina actually co-wrote all 13 tracks on Emails I Can't Send. Meanwhile, Julia co-wrote seven of them: 'Emails I Can't Send', 'Tornado Warnings', 'Because I Liked a Boy', 'Already Over', 'Fast Times', 'Skinny Dipping' and 'Decode'.

While Julia and Sabrina are yet to comment further on the incident, it's important to reiterate that they are close friends and it seems likely that Julia meant nothing shady via her comments. Julia actually took to Instagram last week to post several behind the scenes photos from the making of Emails I Can't Send and praise Sabrina.

In her caption, Julia wrote: "Emails I can’t send is out nowwwwwwwww. So proud of you @sabrinacarpenter you really put every damn piece of your heart and soul into this. So happy everyone gets to experience it now 🥺 thank you for so many memoriessssss I love you very much."

Sabrina also commented: "Somehow us eating hot Cheetos all day turned into a really wild album. i love you Julia."

Julia also often defends the artists she writes with. When fans questioned Selena Gomez's songwriting capabilities back in 2019, Julia rushed to her defence and said: "I can actually 100% say that Selena is VERY much a songwriter."

In other words, it looks like Julia respects Sabrina as a songwriter and there's nothing for fans to worry about here. She's probably just deleted Twitter to avoid seeing any negative comments about her own songwriting.

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