Brendon Urie, Josh Dun And All Time Low Had Dinner Together And It's Already A Meme

7 February 2018, 13:13

Emo Group
Emo Group. Picture: Jack Barakat, Twitter
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Jack Barakat blessed us all with the ultimate group pic and now we have so many follow-up questions.

Anyone who has ever put on eyeliner and dived into a moshpit was left fully SHOOK last night as Jack Barakat of All Time Low posted what can only be described as the scene equivalent of Ellen's Oscar selfie.

Yep, that is Alex Gaskarth, Josh Dun, Jack Barakat, Brendon Urie, their respective partners and the heads of Fueled By Ramen all together in one glorious dinner photo.

Needless to say, the internet exploded somewhat under the weight of this image's majesty:

Incredible scenes basically.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, later on Alex blessed us with this piece of gold over on his Instagram story:

We're not crying, you are!

Anyway, as you might imagine, a photo as iconic as this one is clearly going to bring up more questions than answers. So here are a few we would like answered immediately:

1) Where is Tyler?

2) Where does Alex get his dope suits from and is there a discount if we drop his name?

3) Did Brendon drop details about the new album?

4) Did Josh drop details about the new album?

5) What was served for the main course and was it any good?

6) Who got the most "merry"?

7) Where was our invite?

8) Is Pete Wentz upset that he wasn't invited?

9) Um...collab?

10) How many of those insane number of wine glasses actually got used?

11) What are the chances of you all being in the same room again in the next 12 months?

12) Who is taking the picture?

Answers on a postcard please Jack. Whenever you are ready.