G-Eazy Dyed His Hair BLOND And The Internet Is Divided

19 July 2018, 17:42

Picture: Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

This is a drastic change...

G-Eazy may be best known for his music (over the past few years he has released hits including 'Him & I', 'No Limit' and 'Me Myself & I' and collaborated with artists ranging from Britney Spears to Cardi B), however, he is also a celeb heartthrob. It is no secret that fans all around the world lust after the 'Good Life' hitmaker. Whether he is clean shaven or sporting stubble, people are besotted with the Californian rapper.

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However, the star's latest makeover is dividing the internet. G-Eazy recently split from his girlfriend of one year Halsey and last night he revealed via Twitter that he has dyed his hair platinum blond. He is not the first male artist to make the plunge this year. His friend and 'Sober' feature artist, Charlie Puth, did so last this month and his fans were likewise split on it.

Here is G-Eazy's controversial hairdo in all of its glory.

Serving looks, stunting pretty, G-Eazy is that bitch from Oakland city. Naturally, the internet has not shied away from making its thoughts known on the new hairstyle. The responses range from the hilarious to the positive and the politely negative to the downright savage. Here we've gathered the best reactions for you to enjoy.

Some think that he looks a little bit like Guy Fieri now.

We see no lies.

There's definitely an air of Slytherin to it.

Draco found rotting.

Others are just worried for G-Eazy right now.

Let him be the blond he wishes to be.

One or two fans are blaming it on the break-up.

We all process these things in different ways.

A couple of people are not holding back.

This is harsh.

13 Reasons Why fans think that he now looks like a certain cast member.

We lowkey see it.

Then there are those who love the new look.

If anyone can pull it off, G-Eazy can.

And finally there are those who like it a little bit too much.

No comment.