Ciara’s ‘Level Up' Video Has Inspired A Dance Challenge That's BREAKING The Internet

26 July 2018, 09:40

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Can you do it?

Ciara is back. Ever since the 'Like A Boy' hitmaker debuted with 'Goodies' in early 2004, the 32-year-old has been a force to be reckoned with. From 'Promise' to 'Gimme Dat' and 'Body Party' to 'I Bet', Ciara has not only consistently released some of the best pop and R&B singles of the past 15 years but she has also accompanied them with stunning music videos and next level choreography. Few performers are on CiCi's level.

Ciara. Picture: YouTube // Instagram

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And her new single 'Level Up' is no different. It is experimental, fun and empowering af. Lyrically the track is about being the best version of yourself and striving for the things you deserve: "Them old mistakes are gone, I won’t do them no more". It also contains some lowkey savage digs to her ex Future: "Thank God I never settled, this view is so much better // I’m chilling, I’m winning, like on another level". Ouch.

However, it's the 'Level Up' visual that's got everyone talking. It puts Ciara's talents front and centre as she kills an energetic dance routine alongside a team of flawless backing dancers. In fact, people love the video so much that they've turned its routine into a challenge and it's taking over the internet.

Watch the 'Level Up' music video here.

Ciara - Level Up

Just like Drake's 'In My Feelings' challenge, Ciara's 'Level Up' challenge sees people attempt to pull off choreography to the song that inspired it. Only with this being Ciara, the dance moves are a little bit harder for fans to master.

Here are just a few of the amazing #LevelUpChallenge entries so far.

All you need is energy.


It works with drums too.

We're shook.

Actually it helps if you dress up like Ciara.

Talented, brilliant, showstopping, amazing, spectacular.

Or if you're a professional dancer tbh.

Us mere mortals have no hope.

You can do it at church.

We stan this woman with all of our hearts.

It's so big that even Beyoncé has done it.

Well, kind of.

And last but not least it can get pretty emotional.


Alongside the 'Level Up' challenge Ciara has been asking her celebrity friends including Serena Williams and Chris Pratt to tell us how they 'level up'. Ciara released 'Level Up' last Wednesday and it has since reached Number 12 on US iTunes. Not only that but its video has been viewed over 6.9 million times.

With this challenge showing no signs of slowing down, we reckon that 'Level Up' could be a major hit. Now please excuse us while we go film ourselves attempting to do the choreography.