Billie Eilish opens up about how American Horror Story inspired her 'bury a friend' video

20 March 2019, 15:50

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Billie Eilish also based her 'bury a friend' video around 'The Babadook'...

Billie Eilish has opened up about how her 'bury a friend' video is inspired by American Horror Story.

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Speaking about the 'bury a friend' music video with PopBuzz, the 17-year-old revealed: "That one was really influenced by a lot of horror movies." She then went on to explain: "The Babadook was the main one. I feel like that video wouldn't exist if it wasn't for The Babadook." Iconic. She then confirmed that American Horror Story played a role by saying: "and then like a lot of American Horror Story vibes. I just love creepy stuff."

Find out who Billie's favourite AHS character is below.

Billie Eilish reveals how 'American Horror Story' inspired her 'bury a friend' video
Billie Eilish reveals how 'American Horror Story' inspired her 'bury a friend' video. Picture: Darkroom // Interscope // FX

Watching the 'bury a friend' video, it's easy to see how both American Horror Story and The Babadook were inspirations behind it. In it, Billie acts out some of her biggest fears and phobias (from being manhandled to having needles injected in her back), while wandering a corridor not too dissimilar from the ones in American Horror Story: Hotel. It's both mesmerising and lowkey terrifying all at once.

Discussing American Horror Story at large with PopBuzz, Billie revealed which season of AHS is her favourite of all time: "Oh my god, probably Murder House. Murder House or Coven." She then went on to admit that, sadly, after Coven she: "couldn't get into them." She explained that: "I really liked Murder House because Tate - that's all I gotta say. That character was so oh my god! I love that season."

Watch the 'bury a friend' video below.

Billie Eilish - bury a friend

Okay, now we know that Billie is a fan of American Horror Story, we really need to get her involved in the new season. Even if it's just a case of her recording a theme song for it, we'd be interested. A cameo or a full on role? Sign us up. Billie directing an episode? Imagine. Whatever it is, we need Billie and AHS to collide. Ryan Murphy, what's good?

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