Bella Thorne Helps Bhad Bhabie Catch And Torture A Paedophile In New Music Video

27 July 2018, 15:04

Bhad Bhabie - "Trust Me" feat. Ty Dolla $ign (Official Music VIdeo) | Danielle Bregoli

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The Cash Me Outside girl just teamed up with Bella Thorne to catch a child predator in her new music video.

Bhad Bhabie, aka Danielle Bregoli aka the Cash Me Outside girl, released the music video for her new song 'Trust Me' ft Ty Dolla $ign yesterday (July 26) and we guarantee that the storyline is absolutely NOT what you would have ever expected.

In the video, Bregoli, or Bhad Bhabie as she's now known in these streets, is seen texting a guy called Cody who she meets online. He sends her a picture of himself and then asks for a picture of her. He then suggests they meet in real life.

It's then revealed that the person she's texting is NOT in fact 17-year-old Cody from Long Beach, it's a 29-year-old known predator who is grooming young teenage girls on the internet.


Bhabie gives the creep a location but it turns out that she is actually the one working to try and catch the guy in the act and lures him to the park under the pretence that she'll meet up with him in real in life.

He turns up, approaches her with some pretty sinister intentions in mind and then BELLA THORNE turns around on the swing set while Bhad Bhabie stabs him in the neck with a sedative. They catch him, tie him up and proceed to burn the word 'Pedo' on his forehead. Yes. Seriously.

An unexpected cinematic masterpiece from start to finish. Oscars all round. Watch the full video at the top of the page.