Bebe Rexha's dad calls her 'Last Hurrah' video "pornography" and won't speak to her

26 February 2019, 17:38

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Bebe Rexha has also revealed that YouTube has flagged the 'Last Hurrah' video as "sensitive"...

Bebe Rexha is killing it right now. Over the course of the past few years, the 29-year-old singer has gone from writing hits for other people to releasing huge singles of her own. From 'Meant to Be' to 'I'm A Mess', Bebe is consistently making a dent in the charts. Not to mention, she was also nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys and currently lays claim to over 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Bebe isn't slowing down anytime soon either. Earlier this month (Feb 15), she put out a brand new single called 'Last Hurrah' and it's already up there with her best work. From its anthemic chorus to it's LGBTQ+ inclusive lyrics, it already looks set to be one of her biggest songs to date. However, it's not all positive. Bebe just released the 'Last Hurrah' video and revealed that her dad won't speak to her.

Bebe Rexha shared a screenshot of a text from her father in a now deleted Instagram post
Bebe Rexha shared a screenshot of a text from her father in a now deleted Instagram post. Picture: Dan MacMedan/Getty Images // YouTube

The video itself sees Bebe engage in various acts of debauchery. She parties, she drinks, she sleeps with a priest... well she alludes to it at least. It's provocative, it's tongue and cheek and it even features a shot in which Bebe, dressed as an angel, has the phrase "daddy's angel" strategically placed over her vagina. By popstar standards, it's nothing too shocking but Bebe's dad wasn't impressed.

Watch the 'Last Hurrah' video here.

Bebe Rexha - Last Hurrah (Official Music Video)

Taking to Instagram stories, Bebe wrote "My dad hates me" alongside a screenshot of a text her Dad sent her after watching the 'Last Hurrah' video. The text read: "you better stop posting your stupid pornography because you make me sick I can't take this anymore. embarrassed to go in public everywhere i can go. i'm very upset". Bebe has since deleted the post on Instagram.

Bebe also took to Twitter to say: "My dad still isn’t talking to me after he saw my last hurrah music video." She then revealed that YouTube flagged the video as sensitive and added: "I am woman who is living unapologetically. I’m not gonna be made to feel bad about making ART. And yes art to me is my beautiful ass out, boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, crosses on my body."

Bebe finished her statements saying: "The only person I would apologize to for this video is god if I offended him in any way. But I wrote this song with a pure heart. And wanted to portray how We are all fighting our temptations. No one is perfect. Thats why we turn to god. God created sex. And I like sex."

Check out Bebe's story and tweets below.

Bebe Rexha&squot;s dad calls her &squot;Last Hurrah&squot; video "pornography"
Bebe Rexha's dad calls her 'Last Hurrah' video "pornography". Picture: Instagram

Many popstars have parents who take issue with the ways in which their children express themselves. However, it isn't up to them to decide what their children do with their bodies. Bebe isn't even engaging in "pornography" either and it's only right that she calls out these slut-shaming attitudes from her father, YouTube and people at large.

What do you think? Was Bebe's dad out of line?