One Direction Fans Loving All The Band References In 'Little Mix: The Search'

28 September 2020, 16:56

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'Little Mix: The Search' saw budding artists sing One Direction and use the boys as a point of reference to where they want to be, and fans were loving it.

Little Mix: The Search kicked off over the weekend, as aside from loving seeing Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade not only as judges, but hanging out as mates, fans were living for all the One Direction references throughout the show.

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People were living for all the One Direction references in 'Little Mix: The Search'
People were living for all the One Direction references in 'Little Mix: The Search'. Picture: BBC Little Mix: The Search/ Twitter

From a contestant saying his trousers were a bit 'Harry Styles', to hopefuls singing both the band's hits and their solo music in their auditions, the whole show was brimming with references to the boys,

It really isn't so surprising seeing as they are one of the biggest boybands to have walked the earth- and of course, are British!

Taking to Twitter, viewers were loving so much 1D talk, writing:

"It's the fact that I am watching Little Mix The Search and so many contestants are auditioning with songs by One Direction and songs from each of the boys solo careers."

One fan wrote: "TBH I absolutely love the little mix the search show. I knew I would but it was just so joyful also all the one direction references had me grinning the whole way through."

Another gushed: "All the One Direction songs on Little mix the search got me gassed."

TBH, same.

At one point, a contestant referred to Liam Payne as the 'big singer' of One Direction, which definitely pleased his fandom, who tweeted their joy at the 'Bedroom Floor' singer getting such recognition!

The band, of course, have a long history with the boys, having both started their careers through The X Factor, having plenty in common with one another.

The girls have been open about wanting to make a different show to Simon Cowell's talent show.

Perrie was also in a relationship with, and engaged to, Zayn Malik from 2012-2015, and although all the drama with them was over years ago and both have moved on, she took all the references like an absolute professional, obviously.

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This was only the first weekend of the show and there's so much more to come, which, we're hoping, means plenty more 1D talk to come as well!

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