How Much Did Harry Clark Win On The Traitors?

30 January 2024, 12:44

The Traitors: Harry
The Traitors: Harry convinced his co-stars he was a faithful. Picture: BBC

Harry Clark had the nation gripped as one of the best traitors The Traitors has ever seen – but how much did he win?

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Harry Clark, now 23, played the ultimate game on The Traitors, convincing all of his fellow faithfuls he was one of them despite scheming behind their backs and ‘killing off’ contestants each night with the help of Paul, Myles and Ash who all failed to reach the final.

Along with Molly, Jaz and Evie, Harry – whose girlfriend is singer Connor Maynard's sister – reached the final roundtable with ‘baby traitor’ Andrew but it was Molly who he owes for getting him to the end of the show after they built a solid friendship.

After blindsiding Molly for three weeks Harry revealed he was in fact the traitor and won the hefty financial prize.

The Traitors winner Harry Clark talks about time on the show

How much did Harry Clark win on The Traitors?

Harry won £95k on The Traitors series two, after successfully convincing his cast mates he was a faithful just like most of them.

He revealed on This Morning to Rylan Clark and Rochelle Humes on Monday morning he only received the prize money three days after the final episode aired, meaning he had to wait four months to receive the money.

The show was filmed in September, so Harry explained he had to continue lying even after it wrapped to keep it secret that he’d taken part on the show, let alone won!

“I just said I was deployed on an exercise,” Harry, who works in the army, told the hosts.

The Traitors star Harry is in a relationship with Anna Maynard
The Traitors star Harry is in a relationship with Anna Maynard. Picture: Anna Maynard/Instagram

As Harry continues promoting his big win, some viewers have been unearthing pictures of him on private jets and questioning how much he really needed the money. However, he said once the show aired he wants to be able to treat his family and his girlfriend as well as replace his car.

Harry is one of five kids and plans to spend the money on his parents and siblings who he’s extremely close to.

He’s also continued to promise to repay Molly after betraying her trust in such a huge way. The pair, who became good friends throughout the show, patched up their bond shortly after she found out he was the traitor.

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