The Fan Gift Harry Styles Always Brings On Stage With Him

6 October 2021, 16:55

Harry Styles loved his latest fan gift
Harry Styles loved his latest fan gift. Picture: Harry Styles/Instagram/Twitter
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Fans keep spotting Harry Styles with this gift on his tour and it's adorable!

Harry Styles has been singing up a storm across the States as he continues his Love On Tour that began in early September.

Recently, eagle-eyed fans on Twitter have spotted an adorable inclusion to Harry's stage set-up – he keeps a fan gift with him as he performs!

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As you can imagine, the 'Golden' singer gets many presents thrown from the crowds during his concerts but one item, in particular, has become a favourite of the stars.

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Harry Styles can't get enough of the fan gifts
Harry Styles can't get enough of the fan gifts. Picture: Getty

During one of his Madison Square Garden shows last week, a crochet sunflower was thrown onto the stage as a tribute to his song 'Sunflower, Vol. 6'.

The adorable gift was handmade by the concert-goer as an ode to the track from Harry's sophomore studio album, the Styler wrote online: "I still can't believe harry got the sunflower I crocheted for him."

The moment was caught on camera and made its way onto the Twittersphere, the Don't Worry, Darling star looked visibly smitten with the sunflower and mouthed his thanks to the fan.

Harry Styles is currently touring in America
Harry Styles is currently touring in America. Picture: Harry Styles/Instagram

Since the gifting, the plush toy has been seen on-stage with the band!

It's even been spotted on Harry's bandmate's drumkit – one crowd member took to Twitter to share the sighting, writing: "GIRL!! Pauli has it on his drum at msg!!!! [sic]"

Another user shared their adoration at the star's actions: "The way a fan threw a stuffed sunflower at Harry and he loved it and kept it and now he brings it to every show. It's adorable."

We love to see that Styles appreciates the time his stans put into their concert gifts!

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