Anton Danyluk Is Love Island Fans' New All Stars Hero

26 January 2024, 10:50

Anton is being hailed a 'King' after his row with Mitch
Anton is being hailed a 'King' after his row with Mitch. Picture: ITV

By Abbie Reynolds

Anton Danyluk and Mitch Taylor went head-to-head on Love Island All Stars and fans can't get enough of Anton's comeback.

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Love Island All Stars got heated as Anton Danyluk and Mitch Taylor got into a row over 'bro code' after Anton had given Mitch's partner Liberty Poole some words of advice.

Mitch approached Anton in the kitchen to tell him that he had broken 'bro code' but Anton's comeback has Love Island viewers hailing him King of the series.

Anton simply told Mitch, "there's no bro code, there's right and wrong," before delivering the line: "If you girl comes to me crying to me asking for advice I will give them advice.

"You've been together seven days, you've made her cry twice, look at yourself - don't look at me. Be a man, not a boy."

The last line, "be a man, not a boy" even had Toby Aromolaran who was listening in look taken aback.

Mitch used some strong words to describe Anton in their exchange
Mitch used some strong words to describe Anton in their exchange. Picture: ITV

One viewer wrote in the TikTok comments: "Anton has just become my favourite male, very emotionally intelligent and it's rare a man truly cares and notices women's feelings."

And there was plenty more love for Anton with more comments like: "Anton has grown a lot and articulates himself well." As well as one that penned: "Anton to win on his own!"

During the exchange Mitch called Anton a "d*ck" for talking to Liberty behind his back but Anton stood firm that he will always give the girls in the villa advice when they ask for a boys opinion.

Mitch and Anton row over bro code

The night before the heated exchange Anton had accused Mitch of "clout chasing" and said he is "not to be trusted".

This came off the back of Liberty's concerns that Mitch had also been leading fellow islander Demi Jones along.

She said: "What has he actually done to prove to me that I am plan A? What has he done to prove to me that he’s grateful to me for picking him in the recoupling? Nothing.”

When Mitch was last on Love Island he got himself the nickname 'Messy Mitch' because of how he was going between the girls and fans are starting to draw parallels again. With one writing: "Messy Mitch hasn't learnt from the last time."

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