Zayn's Fans Are Ditching The Singer & Falling In Love With His Evil Twin, Rodger Malik & WTF?!

14 February 2017, 14:51 | Updated: 13 June 2018, 13:21

Zayn Malik

Sorry, what is happening?!

So, do you remember last year when Zayn Malik used Twitter to joke about his supposed evil twin, Roger? 

This revelation came after a fan asked if the young boy in an old family photo was that of the ex One Direction lad, to which Zayn sarcastically replied, “No it’s my evil twin Rodger…”. 

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And thus, Rodger was born. 

And it seems that he is causing mayhem on Twitter, resulting in the singer having a few choice words with his evil twin! EEEK. 

We’re not sure why but Zayn told Rodger to F off… WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU ZAYN?! 

However, if you go through Rodger’s Twitter feed, it makes for pretty funny reading. Asking how he feels about them catching up at the family reunion, saying that Zayn should thank him if he wins Best Music Video at the iHeart Awards AND creating his own RQUAD (a play on Zayn’s fan base, the Zquad) are all particular highlights for us.  

And it seems that Zayn’s fans are actually going a bit crazy for Rodger.

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