Shawn Mendes's Secret Backstage Dancing Has Fans Howling With Laughter

21 March 2019, 12:02

Shawn Mendes has been spotted dancing backstage, despite saying he can't dance, and fans can't stop laughing at the star's moves.

Shawn Mendes fans have filmed a snippet of the 'In My Blood' singer dancing backstage at his world tour, and after claiming he 'doesn't dance' many are feeling mislead, as this footage proves very much otherwise.

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Naturally, fans couldn't help themselves putting a little backing music behind his unique moves and the results are pretty hilarious, with one fan page writing: "He really said he couldn’t dance....all men do is lie."

Shawn has kicked off his world tour and fans have been sharing every moment of the experience, from the backstage meet and greets, to Shawn greeting fans in the front row, and the whole thing looks pretty amazing.

The 20-year-old is having to protect his voice and get plenty of rest after coming down with a bad cold in the midst of the European leg of his global tour.

He told fans who waited by his tour bus: "If I’m honest with you guys, I’m really worried about getting more sick for the show for the next couple of days. But I love you guys, thank you so much for coming out here."

But, considering how he slayed last night's show in Paris, we're happy to see he's back to looking in tip top condition!

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