Shawn Mendes Has Revealed The EXACT Type Of Girl He Is Looking To Have A Relationship With

10 May 2016, 11:31

Shawn Mendes Roman Kemp Interview

Shawn Mendes has revealed that he wouldn't mind having a public relationship BUT he has a certain type of girl in mind.

When you've got countless hits under your belt, a gleaming set of pearly whites and a voice that can melt the ladies like hot butter it doesn't come as a big surprise that Shawn is looking for love. 

The 'Stitches' superstar was quizzed recently on whether he'd have a public relationship (perhaps with another artist) to which he replied, in classic sweet Shawn style, "Yeah I would definitely have a public relationship, why not? It wouldn't bother me. As long as the other person is happy, then so am I."

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However here is the catch ladies, Mr. Mendes went on to say, "Well to be honest, I'd like a brunette dancer, but now I've just said that, I'm worried they'll all come after me and the blondes will be annoyed!"

And all the blonde girls go...

taylor swift cry 

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shawn mendes

Shawn recently told the Capital London Breakfast show how he has a HUGE crush on Mean Girls star Rachel McAdams...not exactly a brunette dancer but you can't blame him can you!

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