Shawn Mendes Fans Defend His Right To Privacy After 'Tired' Video Emerges

21 June 2018, 17:25

A fan-shot video showing Shawn chilling out before being approached for a photo has emerged, with fans defending the star's privacy.

As his epic #CapitalSTB live set recently showed, Canadian superstar Shawn Mendes is one of the world's most loved stars.

He must be used to have cameras pointed at him pretty much all day long, but after the video above emerged on social media showing a fan approaching Shawn for a picture whilst he relaxed in private, fans have jumped up to support his right to privacy.

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Whilst sitting outside and on his phone, the fan spotted Shawn and approached him for a photo whilst filming, captioning the video, 'when i caught up to him for the second time for another picture shfjfhshd'.

Many Shawn Mendes fans then took to Twitter to criticise the person who took the video and claim they should let him have his space, commenting that fans should be thankful he's so polite.

Shawn is always vocal about how much he loves his fans and ahead of his recent album 'Shawn Mendes: The Album', the Canadian star travelled the world selecting a handful of supporters to join him for listening parties ahead of its release.

This latest clip has stirred up a lot of talk around celebs' rights to privacy and not having phones/cameras pointed their way by fans at every opportunity, but where do you stand on the whole thing?

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