Shawn Mendes Decides To 'Take A Break' & Deletes His Social Media

5 August 2019, 11:55

Shawn Mendes deletes his social media apps
Shawn Mendes deletes his social media apps. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes has revealed at a recent Q&A that he's deleted all social media apps from his phone in order to give himself a break.

Shawn Mendes has decided that he's had enough of social media and deleted all the apps from his phone in order to 'take care' of himself.

In a recent Q&A session during his tour, Shawn opened up about his feelings towards social media and how everyone needs to realise when it's time to put down their phones.

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Shawn Mendes In Concert - Atlanta, GA
Shawn Mendes In Concert - Atlanta, GA. Picture: Getty

Shawn told fans, "I struggle with social media a lot", adding, "To be honest with you guys, I deleted Instagram and Twitter three days ago, but I send my manager pictures and I’m like, ‘Can you post this.'"

The Stitches star continued by saying, "Sometimes I need to take a break from it too because it gets to me just as much as it gets to anyone else - you have to take care of yourself, it’s really really important. Make yourself come first."

Shawn's supposed bae Camila has also been posting about the pressures of social media in a honest Insta story to her millions of followers...

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