Little Mix Fans' Viral Tribute For 'Only You' Is Showcasing The Power Of The Mixers

21 June 2018, 15:24 | Updated: 21 June 2018, 15:39

Little Mix at One Love Manchester

With Little Mix's brand new song alongside Cheat Codes called 'Only You' about to be released, fans have shown some love in a very unique way on Twitter!

Having a supportive fan base is something that artists just can't take for granted and Little Mix certainly have an incredible relationship with their beloved #Mixers.

With the ladies new collab with Cheat Codes entitled 'Only You' about to be released, fans have already been showing love to the ladies by changing their Twitter names in honour of the new track.

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Befor ethey've even heard the full track, fans have been using their first names and adding the word 'only in front of it to support the single and it's started to go pretty viral!

The project was started by a Little Mix fan called Bea, who wrote, 'To celebrate and also promote the new music that is coming I think it would be nice if every single one of us changed our name to "Only Y/N". As an example, my name is beas so I'll change to "Only Bea".

Other fans were quick to support the project by changing their names and it's spread across the globe, proving the power of Little Mix fans!

With 'Only You' set for release on Friday 22nd June, fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to check out the full version of the song. Roll on Friday!

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