Little Mix Reveal Their New Album Is Nearly Finished And Is A “Lot More Pop”

4 June 2015, 10:44

Little Mix

The girls only have one more song to record for the new album, and fans can expect a different sound to ‘Salute’.

We’ve had ‘Black Magic’ stuck in our heads since the Little Mix ladies unveiled their brilliant comeback single, and it looks like we won’t have too long to wait for the rest of the album!

Little Mix announce their first perfume… Gold Magic! 

The girls revealed that they are in the final stages of their album, and they only have one more track to record before it is complete. Jade Thirlwall told Digital Spy, “We've literally got one more song to record, then it's done. 

“Album three is a lot more pop. It's more fun, and has more personality, I would say. We always say that if you put us four girls in a room for hours chatting away, that's what the album is. It's very real to what we would say and the little things we do. I feel like it's our strongest album yet."

The band have previously revealed that they scrapped a whole album ahead of this release because they felt they could do better, and the list of names they have worked with on this record is VERY impressive.

Jade revealed, “We've worked with Jess Glynne, done a song with Jessie J, Ed Drewett, and we did a session with Marina and The Diamonds, but we didn't put it on the album. She was just insane though.

“We’d always wanted to work with Jessie J, but we'd never found the right time before. We really, really want to get Nicki Minaj on a track."

Leigh-Anne Pinnock added, "That's literally the dream. We say it all the time: we want a collaboration with Nicki. But it's about getting the right track, and obviously we do the album and then we go back and see what could use a feature. This album is open to suggestions."

The girls revealed that they were a bit nervous before unveiling ‘Black Magic to the world because it is so different from their recent material. Jade admitted, “I think that's the best way though. We always like to do something that people wouldn't expect us to come out with.

“The ‘Salute’ campaign was a lot darker and a bit more R&B, whereas this time... that's why it took so long because we were looking for something that would surprise people. We wanted to change the game a bit, and 'Black Magic' is very pop."

"We've done so well so far and we are successful, but we just want that big song that explodes everywhere. It's about time that happened - especially in America and all over the world really. The UK have seen us be successful now, and it's just about taking that everywhere else. Representing Britain!" 

'Black Magic' will be released on 10th July, and the girls will be performing it live at Capital’s Summertime Ball with Vodafone on 6th June. Check out the rest of the performers right here. 

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