The 19 Funniest Quotes From Jesy Nelson's Episode Of Eat In With Little Mix

24 May 2019, 10:50

As Jesy Nelson cooked chicken and cheesecake for her Little Mix band members, not a single Mixer could watch her episode without creasing.

Little Mix have launched their own cookery series, Eat In with Little Mix, and the first episode saw Jesy Nelson cook chicken and cook buy cheesecake for the other 'Power' girls.

The group took on their own version of Come Dine With Me - after Jade Thirlwall was announced as a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

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The band's millions of Mixers couldn't help but crack up at Jesy's attempts to cook for her pals, and we've compiled some of the greatest moments from the show.

1) "You may not know this, but I can't cook for ssh-" - Jesy Nelson

2) "Cheesecake? I don't like cheesecake all that much." - Perrie Edwards

3) "Have you got a vanilla pod?" / "NO?!" - Jesy Nelson


4) "She's ordering this from the dessert shop around the corner." - Jade Thirlwall

5) "I watched this before on the Great British Bake Off and it definitely don't look like this." - Jesy Nelson

6) "I do feel very sorry for the boy who marries me, because they're not going to get any dinner. Just Deliveroo every night." - Jesy Nelson


7) "'Sift' means, like, sift." - Jesy Nelson

8) "So, because the cheesecake is not going to plan, we've resorted to Plan B which is going to the supermarket and buying a cheesecake." - Jesy Nelson

9) "What's a quarter? Wait. A quarter's less than a half..." - Jesy Nelson


10) As James is putting chilli in the dish: "OH MY GAWD. You're gonna blow their 'eads off!" - Jesy Nelson

11) "We haven't got time to get food poisoning." - Perrie Edwards

12) "When they asked me how I made the sweet chilli sauce, I wanted the ground to swallow me up, because I didn't have a bloody clue." - Jesy Nelson


13) "Chicken looks... Cooked?" - Leigh-Anne Pinnock

14) "It wasn't my fault that James' mum recommended the wrong ingredients." - Jesy Nelson

15) "It's a stripper, isn't it? It's a stripper. I think it is." - Leigh-Anne Pinnock


16) Speaking about Jesy: "She says it herself; she's sh*te." - Perrie Edwards

17) "I don't know how chefs are chefs." - Jesy Nelson

18) Speaking about the stripper: "It kinda went a bit tits up, but... I had a great time" - Jade Thirlwall

19) "There wasn't a Milkybar in sight." - Jade Thirlwall