Justin Bieber Got A 'Shawn Mendes Inspired' Tattoo & Fans Think He's Copying The 'Señorita' Singer

10 December 2019, 16:44

Justin Bieber has a similar tattoo to Shawn Mendes
Justin Bieber has a similar tattoo to Shawn Mendes. Picture: Instagram/'In My Blood' music video

Justin Bieber added some new ink to his neck and fans now think he's trying to copy fellow Canadian heartthrob, Shawn Mendes.

Justin Bieber, who is already heavily inked up, tatted himself with a sparrow on his neck, which read "Forever" underneath it, and fans think he copied Shawn Mendes.

The 'I Don't Care' singer took to Instagram to show off his new art, which was done by a tattoo artist of the stars, Doctor Woo, who has also designed tattoos for Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

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After flaunting his jazzed-up neck on social media, fans were quick to compare it to the 'In My Blood' singer's hand tatt of sparrows.

One tweeted: "Why does Justin have Shawn’s swallow tattoo on his neck?" with another writing, "Justin’s new tattoo is a Shawn mess."

Fans spotted Hailey Bieber in the background of Justin's picture
Fans spotted Hailey Bieber in the background of Justin's picture. Picture: Instagram

Others commented on the similarities drawn between JB's sparrow and his wife, Hailey Baldwin's, who has a neck tattoo reading "Lover" in a similar font.

It seems like a plausible explanation as "Lover" and "Forever" could refer to their relationship after they married in September.

The swallow part of the art has underlying meanings as it's a bird which 'is one of the only few of its kind that remember their home' which holds enormous relevance to Shawn (and definitely Biebs) who spends a large chunk of his life on the road touring.

Camila Cabello's beau previously told fans "sailors used to get it before a voyage and it's a symbol of a traveller".

His music video for 'In My Blood' saw the design take centre stage for the first time and we are seriously digging it.

Justin Bieber confirmed new music is dropping
Justin Bieber confirmed new music is dropping. Picture: Twitter
Shawn Mendes has a swallow tattoo on his hand
Shawn Mendes has a swallow tattoo on his hand. Picture: Instagram

Another theory Beliebers have speculated is whether the tattoo has any relevance to his upcoming album, as he recently confirmed JB5 will be released in 2020.

The 26 year old took to Twitter to excite us all, posting: "Name me your Top 5 with links."

He continued: "I’m asking for a reason. Listen through the list and tell me your favourites. #2020."

Some thought it was a hint for JB to let fans handpick songs for his new album, whereas others guessed it's for what should be on the setlist for his speculated JB5 tour.

Either way, we cannot wait for some new bops from Justin!

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