WATCH: Justin Bieber’s Got Himself A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber To Sleep In & It’s So Extra

25 March 2019, 11:31

Justin Bieber's got himself a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
Justin Bieber's got himself a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Picture: Instagram

The HBOT treatment brings more air into the bloodstream and is thought to enhance healing for a number of conditions.

Justin Bieber’s invested in a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber for his house, as Hailey Baldwin shared a video of the ‘Purpose’ star sleeping inside it.

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The HBOT is a pressurised chamber which pumps pure oxygen in and out of through a series of valves and is said to promote healing for a variety of conditions.

It’s unknown what Justin’s trying to treat with the oxygen chamber but it has been proven to help with infections, embolism and wounds that do not respond to other treatment.

Justin recently admitted he was suffering from depression, but the HBOT has had limited trials on its effectiveness to treat depression and anxiety, though some have labelled it the ‘miracle cure’ for a variety of conditions.

Hailey shared the video of him sleeping in the zipped up chamber, which he appears to have installed in his house.

The treatment has also become popular in spas and health centres recently, though it should really be used under medical supervision as it isn’t without its side effects.

We’re kinda impressed Justin can actually sleep in there… it looks hella claustrophobic!

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