Justin Bieber Calls Out Eminem For 'Dissing New Generation Of Rappers' In 'The Ringer'

2 May 2019, 11:25 | Updated: 2 May 2019, 12:24

Justin Bieber isn't a fan of Eminem's disses
Justin Bieber isn't a fan of Eminem's disses. Picture: Getty Images

Justin Bieber had a few words for Eminem about his song 'The Ringer', saying he doesn't like the 'disses' of the new generation of rap.

Justin Bieber has been playing him some Eminem recently, but, has pointed out to fans that he's not here for Slim Shady tearing down other rappers and that he 'doesn't understand' the new generation of rap, causing some eyebrows to raise in doing so.

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The 25-year-old wrote on Instagram following a screenshot of Eminem's 2018 song 'The Ringer': "I just like Em's flow but don't like that he's dissing the new rappers I like the generation of rap he just doesn't understand it."

Justin Bieber is not here for Eminem dissing other artists on tracks 'The Ringer'
Justin Bieber is not here for Eminem dissing other artists on tracks 'The Ringer'. Picture: Instagram/@JustinBieber

In Eminem's song, he slams the new generation of rappers for constantly talking about their jewellery and money, taking digs at 21 Savage, Drake, Lil Xan, Lil Pump and a whole load more in a song that lasts more than 5 and a half minutes.

Justin is good pals with a whole host of 'new generation' rappers including Quavo, Chance The Rapper, Drake, Big Sean, Travis Scott, and Lil' Wayne just to name a few and made songs including 'I'm The One' and 'No Brainer.'

The 'Sorry' singer has been more active on social media lately, documenting his daily life wife Hailey Bieber and clapping back trolls that say he will go back to Selena Gomez eventually.

Justin recently broke his musical hiatus by joining Ariana Grande on stage at Coachella for his song 'Sorry' which then faced accusation of 'lip-syncing', which he strongly denied.

He clapped back at a US presenter who said the 'track started before him', tweeting: "They played the song and i just sang overtop of it.. regardless why spend your time tearing people down. It’s People like you that are bullies at school that are making kids suicidal."

Eminem hasn't responded to Justin's comments, online that is, as he could well be putting pen to paper and penning an epic diss track about the Biebs.

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