Ariana Grande's New Album Thank U, Next: Release Date, Tracklist & Pre-Order

22 January 2019, 11:33 | Updated: 23 January 2019, 06:48

Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next' album is on it's way shortly and she's been teasing it all over Twitter, so when will we get to hear Imagine, 7 Rings alongside the rest of the tracks? Here's everything you need to know.

Ariana Grande's been teasing her new fifth album, 'thank u, next' for months now, having dropped tracks 'thank u, next', 'Imagine' and '7 Rings' from the upcoming record already.

And now, the 25 year old is wanting to break the conventional rules of the music industry by dropping two albums in quick succession (she released Sweetener less than six months ago) and then touring them both.

So what do we know about Ariana's new album? What is the release date? Will there be any collaborations? Here's all the details we know so far:

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When will thank u, next be released?

Ari's officially finished the album and is now teasing fans with a release date, which is looking to be dropped sometime in early February according to her most recent tweets.

Ariana even replied to a fan who asked her to drop the album on her birthday (as you do) that the 8th is a 'convenient' date.'

She's also joked with fans that she'll be dropping the album sometime before Valentines Day (February 14th) to ensure that everyone has joined her on the single side of life by the time the romantic day comes around.

TBH, we love the idea.

What is the tracklist for Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next'?

Ari followed up her 'Sweetener' album with a 12 track album, 'thank u, next'. The 'God is a woman' singer released the full tracklist on Wednesday, 23 January, and it includes her recent single, '7 rings'.

The tracklist includes:





'fake smile',

'bad idea',

'make up',


'in my head',

'7 rings',

'thank u, next',

'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored'

When can I pre-order Ariana's album?

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The concrete evidence that her album is imminent is that she's announced pre-order officially opens this Friday, so form an orderly queue people!

We will also get a first glimpse at the official cover art, which, knowing Ari, will be a big sign of what is to come for the whole aesthetic and theme of the album, as well as a track list which has also been heavily teased in her music videos and Twitter.

The star has been teasing the track-list ever since her Breathin' music video dropped back in November, with 'NASA', 'Needy', 'Remember' and 'Ghostin' all but confirmed, or so we thought.

She's teased the track list so much that people have pretty much pieced it together and are expecting it to look a little something like this, although she's been going back and forth about whether or not to include one, very personal track to her, and fans have even started polls to try and guess which one.

Ariana Grande's track list for upcoming album 'thank u, next'
Ariana Grande's track list for upcoming album 'thank u, next'. Picture: Twitter/Genius

Seeing as the '7 Rings star' told Rihanna's make-up line Fenty Beauty to 'wait til [they] listen to make-up', we're pretty sure she's keeping that track on, and we absolutely need to know if we're about to have a RihRih inspired track in our lives?!

Will the album have any features or collaborations?

The 25-year-old has let fans know there will be no collaborations on the upcoming album, which isn't surprising seeing as the whole record was born spontaneously during a particularly turbulent time in the singer's life.

This also explains why she's been using the tornado emoji when talking about it.

Unlike Sweetener, which featured artists such as Pharrell, Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj, TYN wasn't a planned release, so as well as being a very personal piece of work, she's had considerably less time to organise the whole thing, including features (should she have even wanted them).

Will there be any album teasers?

Any fan of Ari will know that she drops little teasers, lyrics and bits BTS trivia for her upcoming work all the time on Twitter whenever she feels like it.

She has even admitted she isn't a fan of planning and usually gives fans a surprise when they least expect it, so everyone keep an eye out!

For now, we have Ariana's emoji clues to keep us guessing, with her black heart emoji, raindrop, diamond and tornado emoji, as well as the number '3' being incorporated into her social media posts lately.

If Sweetener is anything to go by, we know she's dropping clues all over the place for us!

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