Zayn Left Kylie Jenner's Party Future Girlfriend Gigi Hadid Was At With Joe Jonas Five Years Ago

12 August 2020, 10:58 | Updated: 2 October 2020, 22:58

Zayn fans remember his trip to Kylie Jenner's 18th Gigi Hadid was at with Joe Jonas
Zayn fans remember his trip to Kylie Jenner's 18th Gigi Hadid was at with Joe Jonas. Picture: Getty Images/ Instagram @gigihadid

Zayn fans are throwing back to when he and Gigi Hadid first crossed paths at celebrity bashes- as the former 1D star apparently left Kylie Jenner's bash the pregnant supermodel attended with then-boyfriend, Joe Jonas.

Zayn fans are connecting the complex web of celebrity ties whilst remembering the former 1D singer attended one of Kylie Jenner's party's that his now-pregnant girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, attended with her boyfriend at the time, Joe Jonas.

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As well all know (and can't stop talking about), Zayn and Gigi are gearing up to welcome their baby girl to the world this September and fans are looking back to when they'd never even met.

One fan's tweet has gone viral remembering Zayn's not-so-enjoyable time at Kylie's swanky 18th birthday party in 2015, writing:

"5 years ago, Zayn liked one of Kylie's pictures, got some headlines about it so she invited him to her party, he went and then got home and unliked it."

Zayn fan recounts his experience at Kylie Jenner's party
Zayn fan recounts his experience at Kylie Jenner's party. Picture: Twitter @fallofthestars

Laughing at their favourite shady king, fans went on to point out in a twist of fate, Zayn was at the same bash as Gigi Hadid, who was in a relationship Joe Jonas at the time.

Another fan wrote: "And also in that party, Gigi (zayn's baby mommy soon to be) came with her former bf Joe Jonas without knowing that she's in the same building with her baby daddy soon to be."

"God, everything's unpredictable. It just blew my mind away."

Gigi and Joe only dated for around six months, ending in November 2015, before she got together with the 'Pillowtalk' singer soon after (and reportedly causing some upset with Joe.)

Now, Joe has welcomed his baby with Sophie Turner, which his ex and Gigi's best friend, Taylor Swift, recently referenced in her track 'Invisible Strings'.

Zayn attended Kylie Jenner's party with his future girlfriend at
Zayn attended Kylie Jenner's party with his future girlfriend at. Picture: Twitter @poppedout1

As for when the pair finally stopped missing each other and went on their first proper date?

Gigi Hadid actually told all whilst appearing on Ellen in 2017, admitting they had been trying to bump into each other at events including the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but failed, and instead just went on a first date in New York with each other!

The supermodel admitted they 'played it cool' for the first ten minutes, before instantly hitting it off- and as well all know, the rest is history!

Oh, and if you want your brain to really hurt, someone laid out all the crazy connections between Zayn, Gigi and Joe that will absolutely blow your mind.

A fan wrote under the thread: "Gigi is taylor's best friend and joe is taylor's ex and zayn and taylor have collab'd and joe is married to sophie and taylor is a big fan of sophie."

"I kind of despise and also enjoy how everyone and everything amongst celebrities is related somehow."

It turns out celebs really do move in small circles!

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