Zayn Fans Are Convinced His Third Album On The Way- Potential Title, Release Date & Collabs

2 October 2020, 16:24

Zayn fans are convinced he has his third album on the way
Zayn fans are convinced he has his third album on the way. Picture: YouTube Zayn Malik/ PA

Zayn fans are breaking down details of what they say is an upcoming album from the 'Better' singer, so when will it be released and what will it be titled?

Zayn fans are sure the former One Direction singer has his third album on the way after he recently dropped 'Better', his first solo track in two years, and everyone wants to know more.

From what he's going to call it to who might feature on the record and just when, oh when, he might release it, and his fans are on top of any little nugget of information out there.

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One such eagle-eyed fan spotted the details logged onto his music video for 'Better' which hints he has a full length album on the way and posted their detective work on Twitter.

It classified the song under 'LP3', meaning Long Play, a full album, and the three indicating it will be his third.

The video would have been logged under this as Zayn hasn't yet announced what the title of the record will be.

Some Directioners were dropping some serious clown emojis after getting excited and thinking LP3 had something to do with Liam Payne and thought the pair could be dropping music together, but alas, this wasn't the case.

What will Zayn's third album, Z3, be called?

As for a title, Zayn is certainly a difficult one to try and predict, with his debut record being titled 'Mind Of Mine' and his follow-up, 'Icarus Falls', so there is no pattern to his album names.

He is yet to do a self-titled record, however, so maybe he'll take a lead out of Harry Styles's book and called it 'Zayn'?

As his life experiences go, he's had a seriously busy 2020, what with him and Gigi welcoming their baby girl to the world.

Could we hope for a baby name reveal when he drops the name of the album?

We'll definitely have to wait and see.

Who Zayn collaborate with on Z3?

In the past, Zayn's collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift (his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid's BFF), Nicki Minaj, and Timbaland to name a few, so a whole new record could very well bring us some enormous features.

In keeping with his R&B vibe, people were whispering he could have music with Justin Bieber on the way, which he swiftly denied.

Fans will know he's always been super secretive about what he's working on, so we'll have to keep guessing, but we know whoever features on the record, it will be iconic.

When will Zayn release Z3?

It has been two years since Zayn dropped Icarus Falls, his epic 29 track album that he never toured, so as for when Z3 could drop remains a mystery.

'Better' being released is definitely indicative of a new era for the singer, so an album could follow shortly, or, the track could stand alone for sometime.

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is much less certain if, or when, artists will release music, with some choosing to delay releases so they are able to tour them sooner.

However, Zayn has not been on tour for some years now, so this may not concern him.

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