Who Is Peregrine Pearson? Everything You Need To Know About The Aristrocrat

29 January 2024, 14:54 | Updated: 29 January 2024, 15:31

Who is Peregrine Pearson?
Who is Peregrine Pearson? Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has been romantically linked with Peregrine Pearson after her split from Joe Jonas - but who exactly is Peregrine? Here's everything you need to know.

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After he was seen kissing Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner on an outing in Paris, we, along with everyone else want to know, who is Peregrine Pearson?

Actress Sophie Turner announced her split from husband Joe Jonas weeks prior to being spotted out with Peregrine and has since settled a very public custody battle with him.

Amid their divorce it looks as if Sophie has found a new flame with aristocrat Peregrine ‘Perry’ Pearson. It's giving Bridgerton IRL!

Peregrine Pearson is a successful property developer who has dated royals and is known to be an aristocrat - but what exactly does that mean and is he now in a relationship with Sophie Turner? Here's what we know.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their divorce in September 2023
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their divorce in September 2023. Picture: Getty

Is Peregrine Pearson dating Sophie Turner?

British actress Sophie Turner and British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson have been romantically linked to one another for months since being caught embracing out and about in Paris in October 2023.

Now the pair seem to have confirmed dating rumours as Sophie shared photos of them enjoying a skiing holiday together on her Instagram which she tagged his account in - although his page is still private!

When the pictures of them in Paris first emerged a source told the tabloids: "They arrived together at the chauffeur pick-up location outside of the station [in Paris]. It looked like they might have both come on the Eurostar from London."

Sophie is currently said to be filming a new show in England so it would make sense if she and Peregine sparked a new romance on British soil.

“They stood there for a few minutes and were chatting and laughing a lot," the source continued before adding: “He then took his hat off and leaned in to give her a big kiss. After the kiss they parted ways.”

How old is Peregrine Pearson?

Born 27 October 1994, Peregrine is 29-years-old.

How is Peregrine Pearson an aristocrat?

Peregine is a British aristocrat because he was born into the Pearson family which is an extraordinarily wealthy family said to be worth a whopping £224 million ($279 million).

His father Michael Pearson, 79, is the fourth Viscount Cowdray after inheriting the estate of Cowdray in West Sussex when his father, John Pearson, died in 1995. According to Google, a viscount is a British nobleman ranking above a baron and below an earl - pretty fancy!

As the eldest son in the family, Peregine is heir to his father's title and would become the fifth Viscount Cowdray after his father's passing.

Peregrine Pearson's family are said to be worth £224 million!
Peregrine Pearson's family are said to be worth £224 million! Picture: Getty

The Pearson family own a 16,500-acre estate which they've owned for well over a century.

Their estate is now primarily used as a wedding venue and also as a polo club, which has accommodated royals such as Prince William and Prince Harry.

Peregine's ancestor Samuel Pearson founded the firm Pearson plc, which was initially a construction company but is now known as a publishing and education company.

Who is Peregrine Pearson's ex-girlfriend?

Peregrine Pearson dated Greek royalty
Peregrine Pearson dated Greek royalty. Picture: Getty

Peregrine's ex was the goddaughter of the UK's current King, King Charles III. Her name is Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark. She is the granddaughter of Constantine II of Greece, the last King of Greece.

They dated for three years, starting in 2020, and their split was reported in early 2023 by the MailOnline.

'Perry' looks to have ended 2023 with a new beau, and after some fun skiing snaps it seems at the start of 2024 he and Sophie are still going strong.

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