What Are The Rules Of Squid Game?

1 October 2021, 16:36 | Updated: 8 October 2021, 15:18

All the rules to the challenges in Squid Game explained
All the rules to the challenges in Squid Game explained. Picture: Netflix
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All the rules to the challenges in Netflix’s hit new series Squid Game explained.

Squid Game has taken over all of our lives and the Netflix thriller is on its way to breaking records on the streaming platform!

The nine-part show has a suspenseful storyline, which sees contestants compete in a dark version of children’s playground games.

Players have been lured in by a huge sum of prize money, but there are dire consequences for those who lose…

Is Squid Game Based On A True Story?

So, what exactly are the rules of Squid Game?

Here’s everything you need to know…

*Warning - spoilers ahead*

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Squid Game has become a fan-favourite show on Netflix
Squid Game has become a fan-favourite show on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

What are the rules of Squid Game?

In total, there are six challenges in Squid Game, and with each loss, the show sees the player immediately murdered.

Here’s the lowdown on all the games played on Netflix’s Squid Game and the rules:

Game 1 - ‘Red Light, Green Light’, which is based on a school game, where one player calls out ‘green light’ indicating to the group behind them to run, or ‘red light’, which means everyone must stop. If you move after the ‘red light’ is announced, you lose.

Game 2 - The second game sees the contestants attempt to cut a shape out of a piece of honeycomb, and if they end up breaking their shape, they are killed.

Game 3 - You’ll be familiar with the very sports day-esque third game played in Squid Game - a tug of war. Once again, those who don’t win, don’t make it to the next round alive.

Netflix's Squid Game has six rounds of challenges
Netflix's Squid Game has six rounds of challenges. Picture: Netflix
Whoever loses in Squid Game, dies
Whoever loses in Squid Game, dies. Picture: Netflix

Game 4 - This round sees the players go off into pairs, where they’re told they’ll be playing a game of marbles (followed by the running theme of whoever loses, dies).

Game 5 - A shocking game within the challenge is the fifth, which sees the players crossing a bridge - but the catch is that the player has to jump on one of two glass panels that makes up the bridge, but only one side is strong enough to hold their weight. For those who are unlucky enough to jump on the wrong one - you guessed it…

Game 6 - The final game is the Squid Game itself, which is based on a kid’s playground game in Korea. It's a more rule-specific version of hopscotch. People are put into two different groups; the offence and defence, as they play a form of tag using a squid-shaped board drawn on the ground. The attackers must tap the small closed-off space on the squid’s head with their foot to win, but if someone manages to push them outside of the boundary line, they die.

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