So, What Exactly Are Wednesday Addams’ Powers & Has She Always Had Them?

30 November 2022, 17:01

Wednesday Addams' supernatural powers explained
Wednesday Addams' supernatural powers explained. Picture: Netflix

By Hayley Habbouchi

Netflix’s Wednesday shows the titular character with supernatural powers - but what are they and has The Addams Family teen always had them?

Wednesday on Netflix is the ultimate dark fantasy series and the show has truly adapted the titular character of Wednesday Addams in the new Tim Burton-produced horror-comedy.

Starring Jenna Ortega, we see Wednesday in a new - although still very dark - light, as we watch the teenage daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams begin her educational journey at outcast boarding school, Nevermore Academy.

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Some aspects of former portrayals of Wednesday and The Addams Family have been incorporated into the series, however, Tim Burton has toyed with some new and exciting elements to switch things up - one main change being Wednesday’s supernatural powers.

Of course, this isn’t the first time The Addams Family have been linked to the supernatural, but the new take shows a focus on Wednesday and her supernatural abilities.

Keep scrolling for a lowdown on Wednesday’s powers and where they came from…

*Wednesday spoilers ahead*

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Wednesday has supernatural abilities in the new Netflix series
Wednesday has supernatural abilities in the new Netflix series. Picture: Netflix

What are Wednesday Addams’ supernatural powers?

In the new Netflix series, Wednesday possesses her very own supernatural powers in the form of psychic abilities that allow her to see glimpses into the past and future.

However, she has no control over them; they only occur when she touches something that triggers a vision.

We first witness Wednesday’s visions in episode one, where she is able to see the bullies that tormented her brother Pugsley just by touching him.

She describes the visions as “electroshock therapy without the satisfying afterburn”.

Wednesday’s powers in the Netflix series come from her mother Morticia, who also had psychic visions - however, the nature of the visions differ due to their contrasting personalities.

Morticia explains to Wednesday that they have to wait for help from an ancestor, who will reach out and guide them on how to use their psychic abilities - which happens in the form of Goody Addams.

Wednesday has no control over her psychic powers
Wednesday has no control over her psychic powers. Picture: Netflix

Is Wednesday a witch?

Despite the fact she has psychic abilities, Wednesday is not a witch and is born to human parents.

Although she does have a witch as an ancestor, Wednesday herself appears to only have been an 'outcast' in Nevermore due to her clairvoyance, which comes from her mum, Morticia.

Wednesday has never previously had powers in past Addams Family portrayals
Wednesday has never previously had powers in past Addams Family portrayals. Picture: Netflix

Has Wednesday Addams always had supernatural powers?

In older versions of The Addams Family and its respective spinoffs, Wednesday has not displayed any supernatural power.

Co-showrunner Alfred Gough explained previously to Empire that the change in Wednesday’s abilities was to embrace her iconic character further.

He explained: “Wednesday Addams is such an iconic character. We thought, 'What if you made her 16 years old and took her out of the family and put her in boarding school, so she has to make a new kind of family?'

“We wanted to put her in a setting that still feels like you're in the world of the Addams Family, but completely different."

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