Are 'You' Stars Victoria Pedretti And Dylan Arnold Dating IRL?

9 November 2021, 16:40

Could Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold be dating?
Could Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold be dating? Picture: Getty
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Fans of Netflix's 'You' think the actors who portray Love and Theo could be in a relationship away from the cameras...

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Rumours are swirling that You actors Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold might, in fact, be dating!

The pair had undeniable chemistry in the third season of the hit Netflix thriller – and apparently, they could be just as compatible off-screen…

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Here’s everything we know about the acting duo’s jump from on-screen flirtations to rumoured romance – be warned, You spoilers are ahead!

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Could the Netflix actors be dating in real life?
Could the Netflix actors be dating in real life? Picture: Netflix

The long-awaited third season of You landed on Netflix last month, with Victoria reprising her role as Joe Goldberg’s equally murderous wife, Love Quinn.

Whilst Dylan Arnold, a newcomer to the cast, portrayed Theo Engler, a college student with a complicated family life.

In the very dramatic latest season, Love gets involved in an affair with 19-year-old Theo, who also happens to be her neighbour’s son...

Dylan Arnold plays Theo Engler in 'You'
Dylan Arnold plays Theo Engler in 'You'. Picture: Netflix

Their romance played a central role in season three and Dylan quickly became one of fans favourite new additions to the cast.

It didn’t take long for fans to theorise that the pair’s electric chemistry could translate just as well off the set of the hit series.

The dating rumours were fuelled when the pair were spotted on a shopping trip together as the pair enjoyed a day out together in Los Angeles.

Neither actor has come forward to address the gossip surrounding their love lives.

Amidst the excitement over the alleged couple, social media users have been shocked to realise that the Netflix stars are only a year apart in age, despite Dylan portraying a teenager in the show.

Victoria is, in fact, the younger of the pair – the Haunting of Bly Manor actress is 26, whereas the After hunk is 27.

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