The Uncle From Haunting Of Bly Manor Is Elliott From ET & People Are Freaking Out

20 October 2020, 10:28

The uncle from Haunting Of Bly Manor is Elliott from ET
The uncle from Haunting Of Bly Manor is Elliott from ET. Picture: Netflix Haunting Of Bly Manor/ ET

'The Haunting Of Bly Manor's' stiff-lipped uncle is none other than Elliott from 'ET'

The Haunting Of Bly Manor has been serving us all the Halloween-y feels since it dropped on Netflix but fans have only just noticed the children's stuffy uncle is none other than the iconic ET's Elliott, fully grown!

'The Haunting of Bly Manor' Fans Weirded Out After Learning Flora Actor Is Pepper Pig Voice

The second series in the Haunting franchise sees a governess move into a creepy old house to look after two children as the uncle, who cares for them after their parents died, holes up in his office not doing much work but drinking a whole lot of whiskey.

It turns out, this is definitely not his first role- as he's been starring in some of the most iconic films of all time since the age of 9!

People are taking to Twitter with their disbelief the character is from one of their most loved childhood movies.

One wrote: "The fact that cursed Dad is Elliot from ET is the real twist."

Another said: "My roommate just found out the guy who plays the uncle from Bly Manor was also Elliot in ET, and now I am witnessing an 80s kid process the passage of time."

The uncle is played by 49-year-old Henry Thomas, who got his big break back in 1981 when he auditioned for the role of Elliott in ET after the initial actor was seen as wrong for the role.

He gave an incredible audition that saw director Stephen Spielberg himself tell the 9-year-old on the spot:

"Ok kid, you got the job."

It also recently emerged Flora, the little girl, is in fact the voice of Pepper Pig, much to the confusion and even irritation to many, who knew they had heard the 'perfectly splendid' actresses voice elsewhere.

Oh, and the governess is, of course, played by Victoria Pedretti, who starred in the most recent series of You!

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