Stranger Things 4 Writers Share Cryptic Spoiler After Fans Beg For Information

22 October 2019, 15:44

Stranger Things' writers have been teasing fans online
Stranger Things' writers have been teasing fans online. Picture: Netflix

Stranger Things 4 is underway, and the creators have let slip some details – in emoji form.

Netflix original series Stranger Things is thought to be in the midst of production for season four, and after series three dropped in July with a cliff-hanger ending fans have been begging for more information.

Loyal followers of the show and all its theories aren’t hesitant when it comes to asking the creators any questions, and after some begged for season four spoilers Stranger Things’ writers listened up.

Stranger Things 4 Filming Has Begun According To Leaked Pictures – And Hopper's Truck Has Been Spotted

“Can you spoil anything of S4 with emojis? I dare you,” one person begged – and much to their delight the creators actually wrote back.

Responding with a string of emojis, the writers responded with the side eyes, happy devil, a worried face and a clown.

And when one person broke down what they thought each emoji means, they cryptically replied: “One of these is correct.”

Here’s what they guessed:

Stranger Things 4 is thought to be underway already
Stranger Things 4 is thought to be underway already. Picture: Netflix

While fans had an array of theories following the writers’ mysterious tweets, most agreed it’s the fans who will turn out to be the clowns.

One person later added: “I am going to look back at this when I finish season 4 and be like, ‘This is so obvious how did I not know this?’” to which the writers replied: “Exactly.”

Eagle-eyed fans are watching Stranger Things’ related social media accounts every move after Netflix confirmed season four, and the latest supposed spoiler to cause a frenzy was when one fan appeared to spot the production crew filming for the new series.

One Reddit user spotted what appeared to be film cameras and crew behind their brother’s house and posted a number of pictures on the platform.

The user, under the name ChihuahuawithBoombox, claimed they were asked to leave after asking to take a picture of Hopper’s truck.

They wrote: “They’re currently filming behind my brother’s house on E 9th but since I’ve already been threatened with arrest today I’m gonna chill. “I also flat out asked to take a pic with Hopper's Blazer and the crew member said, 'you don't see Hopper's Blazer, you won't tell anyone you saw Hopper's Blazer which you don't see, if you don't leave we will have you arrested'.”

One person pointed out however that Hopper’s car was burnt to a crisp in season three, so if they are filming again it was likely for a flashback.

The pictures led to a varied debate about what could be happening, with most hoping the car means Hopper is still alive following season three’s tragic ending.

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