How Much Was Barry Keoghan Paid For Saltburn?

28 December 2023, 12:00 | Updated: 12 January 2024, 16:06

Barry Keoghan plays Oliver in Saltburn
Barry Keoghan plays Oliver in Saltburn. Picture: Getty/Prime Video

By Kathryn Knight

Barry Keoghan is just one of the standout stars from Saltburn – but how much was he paid for the movie?

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Barry Keoghan stars alongside Jacob Elordi and Rosamund Pike in Saltburn, in which he plays Oliver, an Oxford University student who finds himself drawn into the life of his classmate Felix, who eventually invites him to spend summer at his estate.

The character of Oliver is a mysterious one, as Barry – who's making a movie about his life – is known for playing unique roles. But this one is possibly his strangest yet; you’ll know if you’ve watched it and witnessed the viral bathtub, “vampire” and graveyard scenes.

In interviews Barry’s spoken about how he adapted to the role, creating “five different” Olivers for the development of the character.

But how much was Barry Keoghan paid for Saltburn? Here’s what we know.

Barry Keoghan at the premiere of Saltburn
Barry Keoghan at the premiere of Saltburn. Picture: Getty

How much was Barry Keoghn paid for Saltburn?

As it stands, there’s little information about how much the cast of Saltburn would have been paid for their roles, but given this was Barry’s first lead role in a movie he no doubt received a hefty salary for the film, which was directed by Emerald Fennell.

As a guide, Barry was paid $3 million (£2.76m) for his role in The Banshees of Inisherin, in which he starred alongside Collin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. The film reportedly had a $20 million (£18.4m) budget.

Details on Saltburn's production costs remain under wraps, but it's estimated to have had a budget between $10 million and $38 million.

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Saltburn's already made Barry a household name too, so he can probably charge even more for any upcoming projects.

While Saltburn was Barry’s first leading role, it wasn’t his first big title to be involved in. He starred in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals in 2021, is the latest Joker in the new Batman movies and in 2022 he played Dominic in The Banshees of Inisherin.

He also starred in the final series of Top Boy as Irish gangster Jonny.

Saltburn has made Barry Keoghan a household name
Saltburn has made Barry Keoghan a household name. Picture: Prime Video

Thanks to these roles, Barry has amassed a net worth of anywhere between $4 million (£3.2m) and $17 million (£13.4m) according to online reports.

Barry and his brother Eric spent about seven years in foster care as their mum spent most of her life fighting addiction. After she died when Barry was 12 years old they went to live with their grandmother.

In an interview with Esquire he said his upbringing ‘gave him a lot of ammunition.’

He got his first role after noticing an advert for actors in a shop window. The pay was around 120 euros. Barry said he called the director regularly for a year while funding was underway and when the project began Barry got the part straight away.

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