After We Fell: All The Teaser Pictures, Trailers & On Set Snaps Of After 3 So Far

27 July 2021, 15:14 | Updated: 16 December 2021, 18:06

A few teaser snaps have already been shared for After We Fell.
A few teaser snaps have already been shared for After We Fell. Picture: PA/VoltagePictures/YouTube

Fans have been anticipating the release of After We Fell since After We Collided dropped in November last year and a fair few pictures have already been released, showing what we can expect to see in the upcoming movie.

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After We Collided drops new teaser clip

After We Fell is the third instalment to the movie adaption of the book series and fans can’t wait to see what happens next following the success of After and After We Collided.

The movies, which centre around Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) and Tessa Young’s (Josephine Langford) love story, have already dropped a sneak-peek online of some of the things we can expect to see in the upcoming flick, and people are super excited!

After We Fell: 5 Things Fans Are Dying To See From New Film Starring Hero Fiennes Tiffin And Josephine Langford

Following the seriously steamy trailer of the movie, which was dropped in February, Hessa fans have been on the lookout for more teasers of what’s to come.

So, we’ve rounded up all of the teaser snaps from After We Fell so far…

After We Fell stars Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford.
After We Fell stars Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford. Picture: PA

After We Fell director gives insight into upcoming film

After We Fell director Castille Landon talks about her favourite scenes in the upcoming movie

Castille Landon hopped on Twitter to tell fans exactly what she was looking forward to in After We Fell, just weeks after the official trailer dropped.

From the boat scene to the final scene, the director explained in a video which moments stood out to her the most while shooting with Hero and Josephine.

She rounded off the clip by excitedly adding: "I kept pinching myself because it was like 'this is my job, to be on the boat filming beautiful people in this gorgeous place - it was amazing."

After We Fell's full official trailer has dropped

Watch the trailer for After We Fell

The official trailer for After We Fell is finally here after a very long wait and we have no words!

As expected, the teaser shows a lot of steamy moments between Hardin and Tessa, as well as a collision between the two as they try to navigate their relationship through their new obstacles.

Tessa appears to be stuck while choosing between her life in Seattle and her life with Hardin, and the lead-up to her decision is met with a lot of intense moments...

Check out the trailer above and see for yourself!

After We Fell drop new teaser trailer

Watch the After We Fell teaser

Things have just heated up as After We Fell's official Twitter account released a brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming movie - and yes, we're screaming too!

Confirming that a brand new full trailer is set to drop soon, they penned: "AFTERNATORS: You asked, we delivered. Happy 4th of July. Fireworks are sparking in #AfterWeFell… Full trailer to drop soon," alongside a clip of Hero leaning in for a kiss with Tessa.

"You're my better place, Tess," he simply tells her, and already we are HOOKED - we can't wait for the full trailer!

Teaser of Hardin and Tessa's shock run-in with her dad

Just weeks after the first behind-the-scenes video was shared on After's Twitter account, we were treated to a glimpse of an upcoming scene.

The tense scene showed Hardin and Tessa being followed by a man before Tessa discovers the man is her dad!

The caption read: "What do you think the conversation between Tessa and her dad will be? Share your predictions below and stay tuned for #AfterWeFellMovie coming this fall," and we are seriously on edge at this point!

First on set BTS video from After We Fell

We have been treated to a glimpse of the actual movie and we are screaming!

The first on set video has been released and it's from a scene where Hardin and Landon are sparring in a boxing ring.

The movie's Twitter account shared it, writing: "Here’s hoping your #NationalBrothersDay packs a punch! Tell us your favourite Hardin + Landon moments below," and the comments were filled with a huge amount of replies!

Surely the movie can't be too far away now?!

Hero Fiennes Tiffin on set of After We Fell

One of the latest updates from the After We Fell cast is an on set picture of Hero Fiennes Tiffin looking super focused at work alongside the movie's director, Castille Landon.

With the movie's account simply tweeting: "Hard at work #AfterWeFellMovie," fans are dying for some more updates!

We're one update closer to the release of the film though, right?!

The account also shared a teaser on May 18 of the movie's clapperboard, with a blurry Hero in the background.

They teased: "Other than our faves Hessa who are you most excited to see on screen in #AfterWeFellMovie ??", and honestly, everything!

After We Fell teaser poster

After We Fell's official teaser poster shows Hardin and Tessa in the gym scene.
After We Fell's official teaser poster shows Hardin and Tessa in the gym scene. Picture: AfterMovie/Twitter

The movie's official Twitter and Instagram accounts finally released the teaser poster for After We Fell and to say fans are excited would be an understatement!

Releasing it on the two-year anniversary since the first movie's release, the account wrote: "Happy Afterversary [heart emoji] Anyone down for a workout?? #AfterWeFellMovie #Hessa [sic]."

The teaser poster showed Hardin and Tessa in the NSFW gym scene and judging by fans' reaction, they can't wait for a release date!

After We Fell trailer

Watch the first teaser trailer for After We Fell

The trailer itself was the first glimpse fans got of what we can expect to see in the third After movie.

It’s a bit too NSFW to put into words, so have a look for yourself!

After We Fell’s bar scene

The movie’s official Twitter account shared a behind-the-scenes snap of Tessa in the bar scene that, quite frankly, we've all been waiting for!

After We Fell on set pictures

On International Women’s Day, the movie’s Twitter account shared a snap of Josephine and the film’s director, Castille Landon, in Bulgaria - which is where the third and fourth movies were filmed!

It was the first shot we’ve seen of After We Fell’s filming on set, which made it just that extra bit special!

A new behind-the-scenes snap was shared in April, showing Hero's character, Hardin Scott, ready to film a scene in the upcoming movie.

With many people super excited to see now content, some eagle-eyed fans even spotted the clapperboard shared a cryptic "clue" about what we could expect to see from the third and fourth films.

Some fans are convinced After We Fell and After Ever Happy could be turned into just one movie, as the clapperboard read "After We Fell Ever", meshing both of the movie titles.

However, this is yet to be confirmed by producers.

After We Fell in London

After We Fell fans can't wait to see the story unfold between Hardin and Tessa.
After We Fell fans can't wait to see the story unfold between Hardin and Tessa. Picture: VoltagePictures/YouTube

Fans are already certain they’ll see Hardin and Tessa’s relationship face a very big test in the next instalment, with some seriously emotional scenes awaiting us.

One scene in particular that has us weeping already is their emotional kiss in the middle of a London street, and with or without context is just as emotional for fans, tbh.

Naturally, everyone is loving the sneak-peeks so far, and with eager Hessa fans awaiting new content, they’ve already taken to Twitter to share which scenes they’re most excited for (and unsurprisingly, a lot are heated moments between the pair).

We're also still standing by for a release date!

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