How To Watch After We Collided In The UK And Is It Coming To Netflix?

3 September 2020, 12:44

After We Collided hit cinemas in the UK on 2 September
After We Collided hit cinemas in the UK on 2 September. Picture: Voltage Pictures

After sequel After We Collided is finally being released in cinemas across the world, but how can you watch it in the UK?

After We Collided is the follow-up movie to Wattpad novel turned-film After, which is now available on Netflix, but fans are keen to know how they can watch the sequel.

After We Collided: Release Date, Trailer, And Everything We Know About The After Sequel

The release date of After We Collided for UK cinemas was 2 September, and screenings quickly got booked up once it was confirmed.

Here's how you can catch up on After We Collided in the UK...

How can I watch After We Collided in the UK?

The After sequel will hopefully land on Netflix in 2021
The After sequel will hopefully land on Netflix in 2021. Picture: Voltage Pictures

After We Collided is in some UK cinemas, including Showcase Cinemas, after it was released in the UK, Italy, Greece and Portugal on 2 September.

Due to it only being available in some cinemas, and not the likes of Vue or Odeon, some die hard fans are awaiting for the day they can watch it online.

Is After We Collided coming to Netflix?

After We Collided official trailer

The first movie, After, was added to Netflix six months after its cinema release in 2019, so fans should expect to see After We Collided follow suit at some point in 2021.

Viewers will likely see it on Netflix in March or April 2021, if the film follows the same release pattern as its first in the franchise.

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