This '13 Reasons Why' Actor Has Been Spotted In A Selena Gomez Music Video From 2011

1 June 2018, 15:26

13 Reasons Why actor Timothy Granaderos AKA Monty has been spotted in a Selena Gomez music video from 2011!

In a bigger twist than any other bombshell in the plot of 13 Reasons Why, Montgomery de la Cruz has been spotted in a Selena Gomez music video for 'Love Me Like A Love Song' from way back in 2011.

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Dressed as a member of a Mariachi band, Monty, AKA Timothy Granaderos, plays on a flute and ducks Selena's attempts to pummel him with a baseball bat, cos, you know, music videos.

In an interview with Seventeen, Timothy indirectly admitted it was him, saying: "Nah, that guy in the mariachi band playing the futuristic flute wearing Donatello’s purple eye mask who looks just like me isn’t me… definitely not me". 


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