13 Reasons Why's Grace Saif Forced To Delete Her Instagram Amidst Character Backlash

29 August 2019, 15:17

13 Reasons Why Ani Achola is detested by fans
13 Reasons Why Ani Achola is detested by fans. Picture: Instagram

The actress has deleted her personal Instagram account after fans directed hate towards her for her portrayal of Ani Achola.

The new series of 13 Reasons Why is once again thrilling Netflix fans as well as gathering mixed reactions in general over the plot and new characters. However, one character seems to have been singled out by fans after her introduction to the show.

Ani Achola, portrayed by actress Grace Saif is a new character for season 3 and has already become the figurehead of abuse when it comes to fans venting their frustrations at the show.

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13 Reasons Why character Ani Achola
13 Reasons Why character Ani Achola. Picture: Instagram

The character of Ani doesn't actually seem to be too bad however the fact she crops up in basically everyone's storylines seems to have irked a lot of dedicated viewers.

Having an opinion on a fictional character is absolutely fine, encouraged in fact, however fans begun targeting actress Grace Saif on her own personal accounts which has now resulted in Grace closing her Instagram.

Co-star Timothy Granaderos defended Grace and pleaded with fans to be a little more understanding over her predicament:

"One of the underlining themes in our show is to take care of each other. I’ve seen some pretty nasty things being said online, concerning the introduction of a new character. Y’all are passionate & we love you for that, but PLEASE PLEASE try to be kind and respect the work of the talented actress/actor behind the character."

Grace's Instagram account seems to have been reopened at the time of writing however wiped of all previous content with her Twitter account remaining private.

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