Travis Kelce's Joining Taylor Swift On The Eras Tour London Leg

3 April 2024, 15:07 | Updated: 3 April 2024, 15:22

Travis Kelce plans to join Taylor Swift on European leg of her World Eras Tour
Travis Kelce plans to join Taylor Swift on European leg of her World Eras Tour. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

Travis Kelce has revealed he's coming to London alongside girlfriend Taylor Swift as she resumes the European leg of her World Eras Tour.

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Travis Kelce has slowly become accepted as one of the girls because he has led by example with his first-class behaviour on how to be the ultimate supportive boyfriend.

Taylor Swift has been tirelessly working and dazzling fans in performances for her Eras World Tour which kicked off in March 2023 and will end in December 2024, with over 152 concert dates across the world.

Taking a month-long break from the tour, Taylor will enjoy the release of her latest album 'Tortured Poets Department' before she starts her European leg of the world tour in May.

Travis Kelce has been spotted at a number of Taylor Swift's concerts
Travis Kelce has been spotted at a number of Taylor Swift's concerts. Picture: Getty

Taylor’s golden retriever boyfriend and sports superstar Travis has revealed that he planned to join her on this side of the world whilst speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

“I think she's at Wembley eight times, which is mind-blowing that she can do that many shows at one stadium and fill that thing up,' he said in the interview. "I played at Wembley once and I don't even think we filled that thing all the way up."

It is mindblowing, especially when you realise the Wembley Stadium at full capacity seats 90, 000 people and Taylor’s sold out eight shows there. That’s almost a million people going to see her in London alone.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began dating in 2023
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began dating in 2023. Picture: Getty

Travis goes on to talk about his excitement coming to Europe, “London's always an amazing city, Paris is a beautiful city, and she'll be all over Europe - there won't be a bad show, I can guarantee you that.”

We love that he’s essentially his girlfriend’s spokesperson at this point, when the interviewer asked whether Travis planned to go to any of the shows himself, he replied “You know I gotta go support. You know it.”

He’s already attended several of Taylor’s shows around the world, in America and even in Singapore of all places, but from the sounds of things, he’s not done yet.

Whilst Taylor and Travis have enjoyed some downtime between her tour dates, being papped in the Bahamas soaking in the sunshine, May will also see the return of 'Kelce Jam Fest', Kansas’ biggest music festival hosted by the man himself.

Despite having dipped his toe into the music scene, something Travis has learnt whilst dating his enormously successful girlfriend is to not bother to try to be like her, “Don’t try and be Taylor, that’s what I learned,” he said in the interview.

“Yeah, she’s on a whole other stratosphere. She’s the best at what she does for a reason. It’s because she’s so articulate and just very dialled into every single thing that she does.”

“And that’s the beauty of it. I’d be silly if I ever tried to take anything from what she does, other than just enjoy the people that show up.”

“I think that’s one thing I could probably take away: She really relates to the people she’s performing in front of, and so I’ll take that.”

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