Foxes - 'Amazing'

If you've been begging to hit the road with your mates and haven't had the chance, don't worry - Foxes has got you covered. FYI... There will be cake and ice-cream.

Foxes has released the video for 'Amazing' and - unsurprisingly - it's amazing. The song, which was co-written by none other than John Newman, has SUCH a feel-good music video.

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She hits the road with two of her mates... Even if they did wake her up so they could go. Sheesh! After cutting her own hair, which looks incredibly well done considering she didn't even use a mirror, they go on a classic road trip. And use a paper map and a lame ol' camcorder. We won't tell them it's 2015 if you don't.

Expect necking shots, smashing cake and belting out karaoke in a dingy bar full of some old men.

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