James Charles Is Planning To Launch His Own Makeup Brand

12 November 2019, 12:25

James Charles is planning to launch his own makeup brand
James Charles is planning to launch his own makeup brand. Picture: James Charles/Instagram

James Charles knows what his fans want, and they want more makeup from the beauty guru.

After his epic public fallout with Tati Westbrook earlier this year, James Charles has managed to get up and dust himself off in the best way possible, continuing to work and create with huge brands and re-gaining the millions of followers he lost during the spat.

And now, James has even more projects up his sleeve, ready to blow any competitors out of the water with a concept for a beauty brand he’s been working on for quite some time.

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The 20 year old spoke to WWD about his idea, saying he won’t be doing another palette but plans to bring something entirely new to the market.

James said: “I didn’t want to do it [before] because I didn’t have a solid concept.…I didn’t want to put out something that was ridiculous just to slap my name on it and get a few extra dollars in my bank account.

“I definitely won’t be doing another palette anytime soon, [but] I do finally have a solid concept for a brand that hopefully will be something new in the market.”

It comes after he received some backlash for his latest palette with Morphe, after shoppers discovered it was filled with the exact same shades as his original collaboration with the brand but it was half the size to make it easier for makeup lovers on the move.

The updated palette also contained a mirror and was of course cheaper than the original.

Defending his decision not to make a brand new palette, James explained he gave fans what they wanted.

“We’re not claiming it’s a crazy new palette that everybody has to go out and buy,” he said. “Which I think is different from a lot of other launches because, of course, everyone wants to sell, duh, it’s a business.…I don’t know how this is going to do, to be perfectly honest…it’s the same colours, we’re not hiding that.”

In the meantime, James has been teasing a film production currently in the works and some fans are hoping it’s a beauty community documentary.

James Charles teased another huge announecment
James Charles teased another huge announecment. Picture: James Charles/Twitter

He tweeted to his 4.3million fans on 11 November: “I just finished filming my special announcement that i've been talking about for weeks now.. it'll be on my channel on Friday!!!! it's not a new product, but it IS a project i've been working on for THREE years. i can't wait to share with you guys [sic].”

Some followers replied with their predictions, and many are begging for him to head on tour after he cancelled the one planned for this summer following his row with Tati.

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