James Charles’ New Morphe Palette Faces Backlash As He Creates Mini Version Of Original Product

14 October 2019, 17:37 | Updated: 14 October 2019, 17:40

James Charles has made a mini version of his original Morphe palette
James Charles has made a mini version of his original Morphe palette. Picture: James Charles/YouTube / Instagram

YouTuber James Charles has dropped a brand new palette as part of his collaboration with Morphe, but it’s not what fans were expecting.

Makeup guru and YouTube star James Charles is facing backlash after releasing an eyeshadow palette exactly the same as his original collaboration with the brand, but on a smaller scale.

The 20 year old – who had a very public fallout with fellow blogger Tati Westbrook earlier this year – said he has picked the exact same 39 colours and pigments for the second palette, as he knew how much fans loved the versatility of the original product.

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The only differences are the new palette is half the size and includes a mirror, making it perfect for makeup lovers on the go.

James Charles x Morphe Part 2 Reveal 🌈

Even though James has been honest about the fact he’s kept the palette more or less the same, he has received some backlash over the lack of changes as many fans were expecting a brand new product.

Unveiling Morphe Part 2 collaboration on his YouTube channel, James said the brand suggested doing another palette but he said no.

He explained: “I was so proud and confident in the colours we created in the original James Charles X Morphe palette that these colours could truly create any single look, that if I brought out a palette of new colours I’d be like scamming people or going back on my word, because you literally can create any look with this palette.”

He also explained he listened to fans’ feedback and noted down everything people wanted from his next product launch, especially after noticing himself just how inconvenient it was having a large eyeshadow palette.

The mini palette is also half the price of the original palette.

Nevertheless, fans aren’t so happy about the fact they didn’t get a brand new palette with an entirely new selection of shades and many are frustrated they bought the large one not knowing there would be a mini version available.

A lot of makeup lovers also tweeted to say they held off for buying the original palette as it was too big, but they now plan on nabbing the smaller version.

Meanwhile, some loyal fans said adding a mirror was “the best thing he’s ever done”.

James Charles’ Mini Morphe palette and brush set launches on 17 October.

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