Halsey Has Been Standing Up For Stan Twitter & Fans Are Getting Emotional

14 October 2019, 17:19 | Updated: 14 October 2019, 17:22

Halsey praises stan Twitter
Halsey praises stan Twitter. Picture: Getty/Instagram/Twitter

Halsey has been posting about how Stan Twitter is ‘doing great' and fans are so here for it.

Halsey has been praising Stan Twitter after posting about how much her fans have grown up over the years, and they are getting nostalgic.

She wrote: “Stan Twitter is crazy cause I met some of you in my meet and greets when you first discovered box dye and doc martins and now some of you are literally lawyers and teachers and doctors.

“Like excuse me SAM how are u saving lives I just saw u cry to colors. Ur doing great sweetie [sic].”

The ‘Graveyard’ singer's tweet sparked her fandom to take a trip down memory lane about their fondest encounter with the 25 year old’s music.

One said: “Your music has gotten me thru a lot in my career path. From when I started my undergrad, got my BA in Animal Science, to now when I’m about to go off to vet school and become a doctor. I literally wouldn’t be able to do it w/o your music.”

“I can’t believe it bc I met u when I was 16, and here I am working for f***ing Disney now doing web development like wow guess we’re moving up,” another added.

The love was spread both ways when a Halsey stan admired the ‘Nightmare’ hitmaker’s glow up, saying: “We saw you go from cute tumblr girl to this whole a** inspirational and educated woman. YOU are doing great sweetie.”

Halsey recently announced the first instalment of shows for her 2020 ‘Manic’ world tour, which includes UK dates.

It kicks off in February 2020 and will follow her new album that she describes as ‘angry music’.

During an interview for Apple Music Beats 1 radio show, she explained that the album would be written about the world through her own experiences.

She said: “I sat down to write this album and I was like, ‘Alright, time to stop talking about yourself and start looking at the world around you.”

We cannot wait to hear the pop star has in store for 'Manic'!

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