Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock Films For New Racism Documentary At Black Lives Matter Protest

8 June 2020, 16:16

Leigh-Anne Pinnock was seen filming at the London BLM protest
Leigh-Anne Pinnock was seen filming at the London BLM protest. Picture: Getty

Leigh-Anne Pinnock brought her documentary camera crew to capture the demand for social justice during the Black Lives Matter protests in London.

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock is fronting a new documentary highlighting racism in modern society for a programme on BBC Three.

Leigh-Anne, who recently got engaged to boyfriend Andre Gray, has always been vocal on racial inequality and has been actively showing her support for the Black Lives Matter movement following the tragic killing of George Floyd.

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock Posts Powerful Message About Racism In Wake Of George Floyd’s Killing: ‘Enough

While attending the protests in London over the weekend, Leigh-Anne made sure to bring her camera crew to the city to capture the march for justice.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock has been actively speaking out against racial inequality her entire career
Leigh-Anne Pinnock has been actively speaking out against racial inequality her entire career. Picture: Leigh-Anne Pinnock/Instagram

The singer was seen talking to a fellow activist on the streets of London as a members of her production crew filmed by her side.

“We are the majority, they’ve got to listen to us. They don’t understand that we hold the power right here right now,” he told Leigh-Anne.

He continued: “Let’s make sure that we put on a united front, so please guys support the cause.”

Leigh-Anne then proudly applauded his message, clapping with those around her.

A clip of the interaction was later shared on Twitter and quickly went viral, praising Leigh-Anne and her production crew for capturing the history-making moments at the protests.

When news of Leigh-Anne’s documentary first emerged in April, it was reported: “The documentary will be opening the eyes of those who may not have been aware of issues like colourism, the prejudicial treatment of people of the same race based on the colour of their skin.

“This show isn’t about Leigh-Anne’s personal experience. It’s more a deep dive into the issues and will see her exploring the effect and impact they have on society as a whole.”

Leigh-Anne, like many celebrities, has been vocal about her experiences of racial inequality and shared an emotional video on Instagram to detail how race has impacted her time in Little Mix.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock recently got engaged to boyfriend Andre Gray
Leigh-Anne Pinnock recently got engaged to boyfriend Andre Gray. Picture: Leigh-Anne Pinnock/Instagram

She said: “Nine years ago, after joining Little Mix, I had the biggest awakening of my life. When we were filming ‘Wings’, we worked with [choreographer] Frank Gatson. He said to me, ‘You’re the Black girl, you have to work 10 times harder.’ Never in my life had someone told me I would need to work harder because of my race.

“Later on, what Frank Gatson said made sense,” she added. “I learned that the dream of being in the biggest girl band in the world came with its flaws and consequences. Consequences such as knowing about the existent underlined racism in the creative industries.”

She also shared on how it felt to tour predominantly in white countries and singing to fans “who don’t see me or hear me or cheer me on.”

Leigh-Anne admitted she often “felt invisible” among her bandmates.

Little Mix fans and fellow artists have continued to flood the pop star with support since she shared the candid video and her bandmates have also spoken out.

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