Taylor Swift Fans Are Losing It Over Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Red' Moment

13 January 2022, 13:32 | Updated: 13 January 2022, 15:52

Did Jake reference Taylor Swift's 'Red' era?
Did Jake reference Taylor Swift's 'Red' era? Picture: Alamy
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Here's why Taylor Swift fans can't get over Jake Gyllenhaal's most recent magazine photo shoot...

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Jake Gyllenhall's latest photo shoot had everyone drawing Taylor Swift comparisons...

Swifties are theorising that the Marvel star's recent feature in W Magazine is a reference to 'Red (Taylor's Version)' – a record that is widely considered to be inspired by the singer's relationship with Jake.

Which Taylor Swift Songs Are About Jake Gyllenhaal On Her 'Red' Album?

The pop sensation's 'Red' era is one of her most iconic to date, not to mention instantly recognisable!

So it didn't take fans long to see similarities between the actor's look and the album's unmistakable aesthetic...

Jake Gyllenhall's latest photoshoot drew Swift comparisons
Jake Gyllenhall's latest photoshoot drew Swift comparisons. Picture: Alamy

Gyllenhaal appeared in a spread for the magazine to promote his latest film project, The Guilty, and the colour palette for the said shoot was – you guessed it – red.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home star donned a collection of red and white ensembles with one picture, in particular, grabbing everyone's attention.

In a snap posted by the publication to Instagram, Jake can be seen sporting a scarlet red satin shirt and heart-shaped sunglasses.

The comment section immediately flooded with Swift references as fans drew instant comparisons between Jake's outfit and Taylor's unique style, circa 2012.

Taylor Swift wore red sunglasses in her '22' music video in 2013
Taylor Swift wore red sunglasses in her '22' music video in 2013. Picture: Taylor Swift/YouTube

The glasses bore a very convincing likeness to those worn by the songwriter in her iconic music video for '22'.

Many users left replies alluding to the songstress' recent re-release of the record, commenting: "Red (Jake's Version)".

Some fans also left references to Swift lyrics that alluded to her relationship with the 41-year-old.

One comment read: "You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin-size bed," a line from one of her most infamous break-up ballads, 'All Too Well'.

Taylor Swift penned several 'Red' era songs about Gyllenhaal
Taylor Swift penned several 'Red' era songs about Gyllenhaal. Picture: Alamy

Another lyrical reference read: "Loving him was red."

It's fair to say that Swifties has a field day in the comments! The actor is yet to speak out on the re-release of Taylor's fourth studio album in 2021.

We're sure Jake knows the Taylor Swift references all too well...

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